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Gally Sat 26-May-12 08:05:26

Am I the only one this morning who can't click onto 'Last hour'? HELP Geraldine [confused][grin] - and what is more, confused and grin icons won't work either - is it me??

Gally Sat 26-May-12 08:07:55

P.S. I think it's all to do with your 'cookies' question............

JessM Sat 26-May-12 08:11:03

There is something odd happening with this page! A tech issue.

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Sat 26-May-12 08:13:39

We are onto this I promise. Gremlins woken up by the sunshine [grin]

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Sat 26-May-12 08:18:05

(Sorry couldn't post earlier to explain due to the same issue so could only respond to those who emailed... But is all in hand now. The emoticons are apparently queueing for a riverside view of the Jubilee celebrations next weekend but will be back once they have secured their pitch)

fieldwake Sat 26-May-12 08:24:27

No strange page for last hour. I clicked on acepting cookies.

Ella46 Sat 26-May-12 08:34:58

I think the cookies were the problem, they should have been cupcakes!

Bags Sat 26-May-12 09:07:16

Which reminds me, when are we getting a cookie emoticon?

Sorry! Couldn't resist [cookie-munching grin]

Greatnan Sat 26-May-12 09:16:36

WTF are cookies?

Ella46 Sat 26-May-12 09:45:32

Good question Greatnan, I tried to pretend I knew [blush]

Jacey Sat 26-May-12 09:53:44

I clicked on the heading cookies ...but yes Greatnan, recognise the term but don't understand the concept either!!

Can a techno GNetter explain please!! [in words of one syllable]emoticon [blush]

fieldwake Sat 26-May-12 10:05:08

I have left a message on cookies thread as they didn't know about this thread and an explanation! Clear? Well I have to go and get on the WI float to deliver their torch to the next village now. So be back....and hope sorted before next weekend! phew.... Previous village is arriving as land army on a tractor we are leaving on flat bed farm truck as synchronised (codger) swimmers and to be greeted by 'strawberries' in following village. May put video on utube...just to show what grans are made of?

kittylester Sat 26-May-12 10:07:32

From what I understand, cookies follow your usage of your computer so that adverts can be targetted by people who sell what you have recently looked at. I've been looking for a dress for our youngest daughter's wedding party recently and have seen loads of adverts on my computer for dresses. Unfortunately the sellers have not spotted that I'm 63, fairly conservative in my dress and rather too large for some of the things that keep appearing!

Someone else will say if that isn't correct, I'm sure!

Elegran Sat 26-May-12 10:12:49

Cookies are little messages that some sites leave on your computer when you view pages. They have stuff in them which lets the site recognise you when you return another day. In GNs case they must be references to your log-in details, because sites do not keep all that log-in stuff themselves (not enough space for everyone's details)

You can set your browser to either accept all cookies, only keep them for a day, accept none, or ask you each time whether to keep each one. And you can make exceptions for certain sites if you get fed up being asked every time you visit a new site.

Elegran Sat 26-May-12 10:14:43

snap, kitty

Elegran Sat 26-May-12 10:17:04

I think they were called cookies because they were little unexpected "gifts"

Elegran Sat 26-May-12 10:25:07

If you use Firefox, you can set your policy on cookies by going to "Options" on the menu bar, then to "History" and then in the "Firefox will....." bit, choose what you want to happen about cookies. I can't help you with IE, but it will have some way of being in charge.

Third party cookies (one of the choices) are cookies that come, not from the site you are looking at, but from an associated site.

What I do is to accept cookies for a day, except for sites that I have specified and know that I want to have logging me in or sending me adverts.

gracesmum Sat 26-May-12 10:34:16

Mine's a white chocolate chip cookie please.

Anagram Sat 26-May-12 10:40:56

But GN has always remembered my login details - how did they do that without cookies? [extremely confused emoticon!]

Elegran Sat 26-May-12 10:41:37


j04 Sat 26-May-12 10:42:02

Don't try Anagram............ (not worth the trouble [grin])

Elegran Sat 26-May-12 10:43:43

If you can view your cookies, you will probably find hundreds of them, from sites you never knew existed.

Gransnet probably already had one on your computer but this legislation had stirred everything up.

Jacey Sat 26-May-12 10:48:51

Is this why I keep getting a message when I first log into my computer about disabling cookies and so speed up my downlaods?? [confused]

I've never done anything about it ... as never downloaded any cookies seems I've got them without knowing [blush] [idiot] emoticon

Elegran Sat 26-May-12 10:58:23

You don't need to download them, Jacey they download themselves.

To be fair, they are useful when you are on the site as they facilitate the way the data goes back and forward from site to you to site (don't ask the technical details, because I am a little shaky on that. I just know that the computer their end has to know that you have received one chunk before it can send you the next) but of course all the webmasters are onto the bandwagon and drop several cookies onto you whether they are needed or not. A lot of them are from associated advertising sites which report back statistics on site usage.

They have a "sell-by date " when they expire, but some of these dates are years ahead - not necessary! Mostly, they are only needed for that session on the net.

I just checked, I did have cookies from Gransnet, Mumsnet and mumsnet ads so you probably do too.

Jacey Sat 26-May-12 11:03:33

Thanks for the info Elegran smile ...but do they slow down the speed of my computer if I've got swarms of them hiding in the system?? [shock]

How do I know which to keep and which to swot??? [hmm]