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Cookies messing the threads up again!

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whenim64 Thu 31-May-12 08:02:18

Tech!! Can you help, please. Just been asked to accept cookies again, out of the blue (I already accepted a few days ago) and now it's gone haywire again. Text only on the 'Last Hour' section. Thanks.

Anagram Thu 31-May-12 08:16:50

I can't even get 'Last Hour' - it says the webpage cannot be displayed! confused

Elegran Thu 31-May-12 08:26:43

When I try "last hour" it thinks i have done a search without putting anything into the search box, and raps my knuckles.

Elegran Thu 31-May-12 08:29:33

Tech says it is fixed now, It was because they were doing something.

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 31-May-12 09:32:03

It looks fine to us now - let us know if you're still having problems.

AlieOxon Thu 31-May-12 09:34:13

Now I have to log in to see the 'last hour' - it was handy to check what was happening before!

Anagram Thu 31-May-12 10:00:44

I've had to accept the cookies again as well!

Bags Thu 31-May-12 11:00:10

elegran, your comment is hilarious! I laughed out loud! Josie, DO NOT let Tech see it wink!

Annika Thu 31-May-12 11:19:42

Now look, I am sitting here with a cup of coffee waiting for the cookies we have been promised, where are they and could I have chocolate chip ones please wink

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 31-May-12 11:22:33

We're working on it, Annika!

Tech keeps trying to fob us off with plain... doesn't he know who we are?!

Tech's always "doing something". We keep telling him to stop but he just won't listen grin!

Anagram Thu 31-May-12 11:23:31

Don't tell him to stop, Josie - just keep reminding him about our crescent moon emoticon!

jeni Thu 31-May-12 11:34:20

Crescent moon, crescent moon, we want a crescent moon!

AlieOxon Thu 31-May-12 16:33:12

We promise not to use two together....

Anagram Thu 31-May-12 16:33:56

Do we? confused

AlieOxon Thu 31-May-12 17:55:02

Well, not often....

granjura Thu 31-May-12 20:41:54

Well I for one will not accept the new cookie policy. So if I am not able to log out and continue to chatter with you lovely ladies and gents, then I shall say Good Bye now, and it's been nice meeting you. Just in case.

I am concerned that not only some of the threads have been sold for publication without members' approval or warning, And then this. Enough is enough.

Elegran Thu 31-May-12 20:53:32

granjura Have they really been sold? Is it not true that anything you write on the internet can be read by anyone at all anyway, so no-one needs to sell what has been posted.

Could you log out and still chat before? I couldn't. It has always been that you could read while not logged in, but to post you had to log in. That is the same on any forum.

The cookies are no different from what they used to be either, it is just that we are more aware of them now that the policy has been formally declared.

Anagram Thu 31-May-12 21:02:06

You are right, Elegran. Nothing has changed. It's just that websites now have to make users aware of the cookies. Some sites don't ask you to 'accept' because as long as they display a notice at the top of the page, your consent can be assumed.

granjura Thu 31-May-12 21:18:35

They were published in the Guardian, and I am pretty sure a price would have been paid. I just hate being told, if you don't sign, you won't be able to post.
If I can't post, then fine, I won't smile

Elegran Thu 31-May-12 21:32:47

Almost every website you visit puts a little cookie on to your computer. A lot of them count visitors and log the numbers on a site like Google Analytics so that the site owners can see how many visitors they get. That is how Google ranks sites by their popularity and puts them in that order when you search so you see the most popular ones first.

The site owner can also see which of their pages is getting them most customers and so on. Have a look at Google Analytics to see what they offer - and not just to big sites, you can sign up to it for your little blog too. There are dozens of similar analysing application sites on the net.

They should not identify your personal computer, just count you, and note whether you return, what browser you are using and maybe what screen resolution. They have an expiry date, which can be anything from one session to a few years ahead. Some note which other sites you have visited before or after, and send you relevant ads.

You can choose what your own policy is to cookies, somewhere on your browser - whether to accept all of them, whether to just accept ones from the site you are looking at or also from related sites, whether they should ask you each time whether you want to accept, whether to only accept them for one session. If you have them ask you each time you will soon see how many hundreds of them appear.

If you block all of them, you will not be able to visit any websites at all.

Elegran Thu 31-May-12 21:33:44

Granjura whose byname were they under in the Guardian?

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 31-May-12 21:51:33

Hello all - yes, quite right about the cookies...they have always been there and always will (on all sites not just ours) but the change in law meant that rather than being 'hidden' so you weren't aware of them websites must make it all clear...which is what we have done in line with everyone else.

There have indeed been some quotes in various papers including the Guardian: Geraldine is occasionally asked to write pieces about Gransnet/topics of interest to our members etc and the quotes are used to illustrate. They are absolutely not 'sold' - simply examples of why we love Gransnet and gransnetters and indeed they have drawn many enthusiastic people to the site which we are delighted about.

If you choose to use an 'anonymous' user name (ie not your real name) then you will indeed remain anonymous. We never pass your details on to anyone without express permission. This is also clarified in our competition guidelines etc.

You will see on the forums page the following (which has been there from the start)

Welcome to Gransnet. We've selected some topics below we think you might want to discuss but you're free to talk on any subject you like. You need to be a member of Gransnet to use the forum. Please be aware this is a public forum and your postings are open for all to see. Please note that Gransnet has non-exclusive copyright in all submissions to Gransnet, and reserves the right to edit and re-publish these in print form.

Above all ...please be assured how much we value the contributions, the wisdom, humour, support (& so much more) of every single gransnetter. That's what makes the site and will continue to do so.

Elegran Thu 31-May-12 22:14:01

I've just Googled elegran and found pages and pages none of them about me

There seems to be a big real estate company called elegran. Pity I don't get some of the profits.

Annobel Thu 31-May-12 22:19:01

As far as we are concerned, there is only one Elegran. smile

Anagram Thu 31-May-12 22:21:12

Elegran - page 14 of my Google search led me to you! (Quite innocuous, of course!)