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Some ideas for improvements.

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Greatnan Wed 27-Jun-12 06:50:56

Some forums I use have various facilities which would be helpful, if Tech could provide them, such as giving the name of the original poster and the date first posted, an edit button, and the possibility of deleting a post (you can usually only do this before somebody else has posted a reply).

nanaej Wed 27-Jun-12 06:55:41

Good idea!

Anne58 Wed 27-Jun-12 13:30:58

Erm, I suggested aaaaages ago that it would be helpful to have the name of the original poster and the date, but not many people agreed.

Anagram Wed 27-Jun-12 13:53:38

I remember, phoenix - I agreed! But GNHQ never got back to us on that, although they did say they wouldn't be letting us have an 'edit' function...sad

flump Wed 27-Jun-12 13:59:29

I can find the original poster for any of the subjects. For example, 'This made me laugh' was started 642 posts ago by yourself, Greatnan, on Mon. 13 Feb '12 at 12:05:36 or do you mean something else?

Anne58 Wed 27-Jun-12 15:33:31

Yes, flump, but you can only find that after you've clicked on it.

Greatnan Wed 27-Jun-12 16:03:18

Exactly, phoenix.
(Blimey, I have been busy with jokes, haven't I? I hope I get a medal after I have posted 1000 - and thanks to everyone else who has contributed to the joke thread)

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 27-Jun-12 16:17:30

We will definitely pass your feedback on to tech. They are very busy knitting emoticons for future use but we will let them know your ideas.

jeni Wed 27-Jun-12 16:53:00

Does this mean we're getting our crescent moon?

Anagram Wed 27-Jun-12 16:54:18

Ever the optimist, jeni! grin

jeni Wed 27-Jun-12 17:17:04

Well, they say hope springs eternal
(and if I keep on nagging,it can't slip off the stackgrin

janthea Thu 28-Jun-12 11:44:37

And don't forget a mobile App!!