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video cameras - advice needed

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MrsJamJam Mon 15-Oct-12 14:41:19

OH has a 'significant' birthday next month, so we are treating ourselves to a very special holiday and going on a cruise up (or possibly down!) the Nile. We have never had a video camera, but I am wondering whether to buy him one as his birthday present in order to make more of a record of our hols.

Does anyone have any good advice to share?

tanith Mon 15-Oct-12 15:47:21

Have a wonderful trip MrsJamJam, we had a video camera which we hardly used in the last few years, but then OH went and treated himself to a new camera that is a combination, it takes pics and video , he has used it quite a bit this year unlike the video only one which we always forgot to take with us for some reason.