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Short-Cut File Corrupted

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speck123 Wed 03-Apr-13 15:21:12

Can anyone answer this question; I had a file on my desktop with a short-cut. The short-cut was said (window message) to be corrupted, so i could not open it. In my panic I pushed another document into the closed file to try to `trigger` some response. I could now open the file but only get the recent doc I had intruded with.
A local computer man said as I had introduced a doc into the file that was now all I would get and all the original docs in the file were now lost. Is this so?
I can live without the lost file but would rather live with it.
I am still `green` in computer language and use Windows XP Dell computer some 8 years old.
Would appreciate any comments.

eposmike Mon 08-Apr-13 12:18:50

Your question is confusing. On your desktop there was an icon. It was either the file itself or a short to the file which was somewhere else (in "My Documents" maybe?).
If it was a shortcut, then the file might still be somewhere. Do you know what the file itself was called. Something like qwerty.doc? Iif you do know what it was called you can get XP to search for it