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Mishap Sun 03-Nov-13 18:32:41

New laptop has Windows Live Mail instead of Outlook, which I am used to.

I run a singing group, and have created a "category" - that is what Live Mail calls a group - in order to communicate with them all.

However, when I put this in the "To" bar, it does not seem to recognise it is there and refuses to send it.

Anyone else had this problem? Any bright ideas?

eposmike Thu 07-Nov-13 16:50:42

Try clicking to the "to ..." button just to the left of the "To Bar".
You should see your category contacts there with two little pawns from a chess set just to the left of it. Click on it once and then click on the
"to->" button just below and "+ abc", or whatever your category name is, will appear. Then just click ok.

Be aware that non-business email services tend to limit the size of categories to 20 or 25 generally. So you might have to make your categories fit what you email can take. It's a restriction of the service not the program.