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"Writing" on Kindle Fire

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Grannyknot Wed 01-Jan-14 12:10:10

I've just discovered that I can "write" on my Kindle Fire by dragging my finger across the keyboard from letter to letter without tapping! It has changed my life. Plus it gets it right every time, no more auto correction errors.

Note to self: next time, read the manual FIRST!

jinglbellrocks Wed 01-Jan-14 22:55:37

I didn't know that.I have done this post like that. It is amazing! I don't think I've got a manual. It does the punctuation too. I'm glad I caught your post before it went off across.That was the first mistake it made. Couldn't manage actives. I typed that in in the usual way.

Thank you. I can say a lot more now.

I could go on and on. smile

jinglbellrocks Wed 01-Jan-14 22:57:32

I have only had this fire a year. hmm

jinglbellrocks Wed 01-Jan-14 22:59:31

It does the spaces between words too! Amazing!

ninathenana Wed 01-Jan-14 23:04:58

Ooh will have to try that. I got a K F for Christmas, not had a proper 'play' yet. I didn't get a manual either sad

Ana Wed 01-Jan-14 23:09:34

Oh, pleased for you jingl but I did enjoy your unintended Kindle misspellings...sad

Lona Wed 01-Jan-14 23:18:59

Yes.....I'll miss your swearing too! grin

jinglbellrocks Wed 01-Jan-14 23:24:02

shock I'm sure it swears beautifully. grin

Grannyknot Thu 02-Jan-14 09:18:51

jingle nina you do have a manual, it is on the device. I will find again where it is and direct you to it.

It's like, magic, isn't it?! The swiping, that is. I wish I knew how it worked. It even told me yesterday to "Please try again".

Grannyknot Thu 02-Jan-14 09:50:31

Here goes:
1. Turn on the device and connect to wifi. (I always turn wifi off when I am using it for only reading because I believe it saves the battery).
2. On the top selection carousel, hit "Web".
3. In the LH corner you will an icon with 3 stripes (best way I can describe it) or a "stack". Touch that which takes you to 'Help and Feedback' screen.
4. From the list that appears on the LH side select 'Help'.
5. On the list that now appears, browse 'User's Guide' - most of what you need to know is on there.

Other than the above, there are user forums on Amazon Kindle, if you log on to your account.

ninathenana Thu 02-Jan-14 10:37:29

Thank you Grannyknot very helpful

jinglbellrocks Thu 02-Jan-14 10:50:04

Yes. I remember now, downloading the manual onto my pc. Actually reading it would help! hmm

Thanks again GK.