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annodomini Sun 20-Apr-14 20:05:19

I am thinking about changing my laptop which is feeling its age and I think Vista will soon become obsolete. My DS1 says I should get a Chrome Book. Does anyone here have experience of these laptops? I can see quite a few pros and cons but it would be interesting to hear from someone with actual experience.

yogagran Sun 20-Apr-14 21:30:17

I have one anno. I like it because it's faster to turn on - just press the "on" button and you're there. You don't need to do any updating or have virus protection. Very useful machine BUT - I used it all the time - until I got my Nexus 7.

The Chromebook is easier to use than the Nexus if I've got lots of emails to do or anything that needs a lot of typing (do we still call it typing?) as having a proper keyboard is quicker, easier and more accurate.

Generally the Chromebook is used when the battery of my Nexus needs charging. I must dig it out again and start using the Chromebook more often again.