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Help ! wifi connection

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ninathenana Sat 31-May-14 09:05:35

I have had my kindle since Christmas with no problems at all. A few days ago it wasn't picking up a connection to my router. I managed to sort it out but then last night it went down again and I just can't get it back gggrrrr!!
All other devices are connecting fine.

Any bright ideas anyone? please

shysal Sat 31-May-14 09:31:36

Did you check that you haven't switched to aeroplane mode by mistake?
Hope you sort it soon.

ninathenana Sat 31-May-14 09:35:23

Yes, I did check shysal thanks anyway smile

petallus Sat 31-May-14 09:47:35

Ah, we have struggled with this problem in the last month or two. We are with Virgin and my Kindle, which had worked very well for the last couple of years, suddenly stopped connecting to our wifi.

I bought another Kindle thinking mine had had its day but the new Paperwhite would not connect either.

Research on the net showed this is a problem experienced by many people, especially those who have been given the new Virgin superhub.

After much phoning of the Virgin helpline we now have connection for both the Kindles.

Ariadne Sat 31-May-14 09:55:12

My iPhone doesn't like our Sky Wi Fi very much - FB is OK but not browsers. But as soon as I am out and about it picks up 3 and is fine. All other things - iPad, laptop, Kindle are ok. Most odd!

Pittcity Sat 31-May-14 17:54:11

nina have you tried changing the channel that the router is using? I had trouble like this when running more than two things on the wifi and found out that I was using the same channel as my neighbour and we were cancelling each other out.
I googled the problem and found a programme which scanned nearby frequencies and then logged into my router and changed to one that was not being used.

ninathenana Sat 31-May-14 18:06:03

Ooh thanks Pittcity