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HELP and advice please

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Aka Fri 04-Jul-14 22:50:26

Download a free app called OpenSignal onto your netbook. Then you can run a check on your WiFi signal, Internet (data) connection, your ping, download, upload speed, router and so forth.

It's recommended by Which? and pretty intuitive.

So next time you have a problem like this you can go straight to this for a diagnosis.

Mine tells me that the download speeds I'm getting with BT Infinity is less than half what I was promised angry

janerowena Fri 04-Jul-14 21:46:08

Mine won't let me go to bed until at least midnight.

tiggypiro Fri 04-Jul-14 20:20:57

It's because computers are our masters and can do whatever they want regardless of what we want or ask them to do jeanie. We only like to think we are in control.

jeanie99 Fri 04-Jul-14 19:17:01

Thanks for your suggestions, I've sorted it.

Went into the control panel under Internet and the WIFi was switched off, right clicked and clicked connect.

Haven't a clue how this happened.

ninathenana Wed 02-Jul-14 16:48:20

I had a similar problem recently. Except laptop was fine but my Kindle was being rejected after months of no problem. I did the usual fixes but nothing helped until I replaced my router. No problems since.

janerowena Wed 02-Jul-14 14:45:26

It's not 'handshaking'. I don't know what make it is, but if you google '*make and model* of notebook' not connecting to internet, or 'make and model of notebook' not handshaking, hopefully there will be a selection of answers for you.

jeanie99 Wed 02-Jul-14 11:11:54

I have a netbook (use mainly for travel) and a laptop for home use.

I am having a problem connecting to the Internet on my laptop no problem with the netbook.

I have tried to connect but it says there are no connections available.

I have reset the router and rebooted my laptop but still no connections available.

The netbook has connections available.

Does anyone have a solution or suggestions to this problem. I need to get on asp.