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NatWest bank email scam

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Elegran Mon 07-Jul-14 18:56:50

Latest banking scam is made to look like an email from Security Centre at NatWest Online. It says
^ "At NatWest, to ensure that your accounts has not been violated,
Access to your accounts has been blocked due to possible errors detected.

Restricted accounts will not be able to receive payments, send payments or withdraw funds.

You are requested to follow one simple step in order to restore your
online access and to review your statements." ^

Then it gives you a link to log in to your account. DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK. It goes to a site with which an automatically collects the username and password you type in to login.

berdie Tue 08-Jul-14 08:56:01

I get lots of these scams, my answer is not to open them, but to send them to a site called [email protected] This is Natwest's own phishing and scam department, they will send an EMail confirming reciept. As Elegran says, do not click on these

Aka Tue 08-Jul-14 09:16:53

I get loads of these. Also beware it's not just banks there are similar 'from' BT, and energy companies too. I had one from e-on saying they needed to update my direct debit. I'm not with them!