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rubylady Fri 19-Sep-14 12:13:37

Anyone else use Talk Talk? I am but looked up what to do to move house and found out that I will have to take out a new contract. If I want the Value Line Rental again I will have to pay for a new 12 months contract upfront, £170+ in one go. This is after I paid £150+ in February for 12 months in one go. I will get a refund for months here not used but to find nearly £200 just for our internet at an expensive time is just not doable.

I will have to pay for it monthly now, which, over the year will cost me more again. I cant get out of my current contract without having to pay to do so. sad

glammanana Fri 19-Sep-14 12:33:03

rubylady can you not do a "comparethemarket" search and see other offers,one of them and I can't remember which one will do internet line only and you pay for phone line separatley the price they charge differs so much between the suppliers doesn't it,we have BT vision/broadband and telephone rental with BT sports free with us having broadband all for just over £40.00 per month and that suits us,BT have stated that when we move our contract will be able to move with us as we are keeping the same phone no. best of luck.

rubylady Sun 21-Sep-14 02:29:36

But if I want to get out of the contract I am in at the moment, I will have to pay for ending the contract early so can't win no matter which way I do it. sad