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New BT mail box

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tiggypiro Thu 25-Sep-14 08:33:59

Has anyone else got this ? I am finding it absolutely dreadful. I have done the signing up stuff but now have to go round the houses to get into my mail and when it does come up is completely different and worse than it was. When I have tried to 'contact us' it says there is no profile for my address.
It's a good job my windows are toughened glass !!!!!
Has anyone got any answers bearing in mind I am not very savvy where computers are concerned but have no trouble doing these simple things in the past.

alternativegran Thu 25-Sep-14 11:51:57

I agree BT mail on my computer is awful but I haven't tried 'contact us'.
The format hasn't changed on my ipad so I am using that, it may be the answer if you have a tablet.

I had trouble signing up as BT wouldn't accept my password, in the end I rang customer services on 01324 452504, the general number is 0800 800 150, they might be able to help.

shysal Thu 25-Sep-14 12:38:41

Last week I got a phone message, supposedly from BT, on my landline answering machine. It apologised for problems with BT mail, which would be sorted the next day, and re-assured that no emails would be lost. I had been sending and receiving emails as normal, with no problems, so don't know what that was all about.
Are you talking about the new format that started some months or even a year ago, or have you got the new version which I was informed was coming soon, but haven't got yet? For a while my current version asked me to sign in every time, but not recently. I got around the 'going round the houses' by putting my email page into my favourites list and accessing it that way. It does annoy me that I am not alerted to new messages unless I go to my inbox, but otherwise it seems to work well.
I am dreading the next 'New Mail'. Even more so now, if that is what you are referring to! I am a technonumpty! I hope things improve for you soon.

Ana Thu 25-Sep-14 12:44:49

I had to give up on BT mail completely! Had the same problem with the password as alternativegran which customer services sorted out, but recently when I tried to sign up to the new version (took ages, all the information they want!) I couldn't access BT mail at all.

There wasn't anything of importance in the inbox anyway, just old stuff, so I'll stick to good old Hotmail from now on!

tiggypiro Tue 30-Sep-14 10:10:33

Thanks for the telephone number alternativegran. I rang them and had a rant and they did help with the signing in stuff which now works much better. One problem which is still not resolved is the 'contacts' list. Previously if I wanted to send an email to a few different people I could put 'a' into the address line and it would come up with all my contacts beginning with 'a' and I could then find them easily. Now if I put 'a' in it comes up with every address which has an 'a' in somewhere in the address. And the list is in a purely random order !!!

I did tell them that if it is not sorted soon I shall take my business else where so where should I take it to and is it easy to change email addresses ?

Alternatively does anyone have an answer to the problem. I know I can put addresses into groups but I don't often want to send to a particular group of people.

janerowena Tue 30-Sep-14 11:57:46

I did the same as shysal. I keep a link to it, but never use it. If I post a link to my old BT Yahoo! uk login, maybe you could save it and always use that, which is how I get around it. I have to save two links, one for the login, one for the inbox, which I have to use to return to throughout the day.

So here goes, see if it works for you.

janerowena Tue 30-Sep-14 11:58:24

Hmmm... I see they both come out the same. Try it, though.

tiggypiro Wed 01-Oct-14 08:25:21


This morning I cannot even access my email as they will not load. It just keeps coming up with a 'system busy' message.

Is anyone else stuck ?

I don't suppose for one minute that ringing them would solve it and it would mean hanging on for ever. And it would happen this morning when I really need some info from my daughter asap.

tiggypiro Wed 01-Oct-14 08:50:58

It seems ok now but has only taken an hour !

Did anyone else have this problem ?

alternativegran Fri 03-Oct-14 22:42:40

Oh yes I did. I rang BTs tech number but was told that I probably hadn't put my password in correctly. It was a lot later, having turned my computer off and on again several times, that I heard on the radio that the problem was with BT!!! Why didn't the tech dept know that? Wonder if they will charge me for the call.