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advert in side panel

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TriciaF Sun 15-Mar-15 16:23:28

Does anyone else have an advert on the side panel on here about slimming products? I expect the Grandpas will like it because it's becoming like a striptease wink
But it's in french, so perhaps it's a link to one of my french websites.

Charleygirl Sun 15-Mar-15 16:26:03

No thank goodness. All of the adverts have been removed by the tech man when he kindly set my new computer up, transferring everything from the old.

ninathenana Sun 15-Mar-15 16:27:15

Nope, my add is for a care agency

Tresco Sun 15-Mar-15 16:57:49

It's easy to download an ad blocker and get rid of them. I can't stand getting adverts all over the place.

newist Sun 15-Mar-15 17:25:02

I use AdBlock which works for me, no ads or problems

tiggypiro Sun 15-Mar-15 18:30:53

Do you just google AdBlock and got from there Tresco and newist ?
It would be great not to get ads every time I log onto something.

tiggypiro Sun 15-Mar-15 18:31:28

go not got!

newist Sun 15-Mar-15 18:42:04

Yes that's what I did, it only took a couple of minutes to download it.

Tresco Sun 15-Mar-15 18:44:09

It depends on which browser you use. I've used Firefox and Chrome (Chrome is recommended by my software engineer SiL). In Chrome, look at the top right-hand corner and you'll find an icon with three horizontal lines. Click on that and go down to More Tools and then to extensions, then look for AdBlock Plus. It's similar in Firefox, I think.

TriciaF Mon 16-Mar-15 17:40:15

Well that advert seems to have gone now - must have known I was complaining!

JessM Mon 16-Mar-15 18:30:44

The ads often reflect your "browsing history" e.g. if you visit M and S online their products will haunt you on the Internet for weeks.

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 16-Mar-15 19:20:21

Yes! I 'visited' JD Williams on the strength of their having a coat featured in the lates Style thing on the main page of GN. I saw a jacket there that I liked, and looked at it several times. Now I can't get rid of the blessed thing! hmm

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 16-Mar-15 19:31:39

Amphibia Sports? confused I can't even swim. hmm

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 16-Mar-15 19:31:59

Wrong thread