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Naming profile pictures,

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bikergran Thu 19-Mar-15 17:36:39

I managed to put names on profile picys at the very beginning, but now when I put caption/name and still doesn't show, I always think its nice to name pics, other wise no one knows who the heck they are, or where they are, or what they are....?? anyone ?

loopylou Thu 19-Mar-15 17:46:20

No idea I'm afraid, but loved looking at your photos, thank you!
Amazing hanging baskets, very envious bikergran!

bikergran Thu 19-Mar-15 18:05:41

Oh thanks loopylou I shall keep trying, Iv done it once so!!! unless Techy peeps can shed any light ? its so frustrating showing a photo and not being able to name it for others, I mean I know who/where/what they are but others don't..hmmm hmm

shysal Thu 19-Mar-15 18:19:26

Biker, I think if you go to your photos and click 'edit picture details', there are boxes to fill. One says 'caption' and the other 'label' or something similar. If you put your description in both, it appears beside the item!

bikergran Thu 19-Mar-15 18:22:10

Thanks shysal I hve been trying that but luck have saved it etc but still no luck..I shall try again when I have dried up lol thanks ..

tanith Thu 19-Mar-15 18:34:56

I've just done exactly what shysal suggested and it worked ok for me.. I wonder why its not working for you Biker!
The words don't come up beside the picture though they are over on the right handside

bikergran Thu 19-Mar-15 18:38:12

ok I am just going to try again (I may be some time) hmm

nannieroz111 Thu 19-Mar-15 18:38:38

Gorgeous pictures bikergran envy

tanith Thu 19-Mar-15 18:39:14


bikergran Thu 19-Mar-15 18:46:29

thanks nannieroz11 right its worked for my first one |(with the suitcases) but wont save it on the others,, I seem to have a very faint memory of!! that you have to move your photos around maybe up to the top to title them.....grrrrrrrrrrrr...

tanith Thu 19-Mar-15 18:49:54

Very odd!!

bikergran Thu 19-Mar-15 19:03:43

is it just my profile or is the same with everyones?

bikergran Fri 20-Mar-15 08:47:58

Ok I think I have cracked it.!! its a case of moving each photo to the bottem of the page (well with my comp it is) iv wrote it down in case anyone having any difficulties naming their photos.