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jeanie99 Sat 18-Apr-15 06:37:23

I needed to send my in warranty Levono computer back for repair because the webcam had stopped working.
Took forever to get this sorted sent back and returned but that's another story.

Anyhow I received the same laptop was delivered yesterday afternoon and I started putting back on from my external hard drive all the personal information which I had taken off before sending.
I needed to catch up on Internet banking but when the bank site came up after using my bookmarked link it didn't for some reason look like it should.
I closed it down and got on via a Google search and continued banking.
I was only on about 5 minutes when a chat pot up came on from a person saying he was a Microsoft adviser and that he knew I was having problems with my computer that I was a Talk Talk customer and could he help me. How could he know I was with Talk Talk!!
I immediately knew something was wrong,took a screen shot copied to word for reference and closed my computer down.
Contacted my son sending him the screen shot by email.
He had a look at my computer remotely and said my machine is riddles with Spy and Adware, he later rang to say it might be necessary to have a complete rebuild.
Clearly all this as been put on my machine while it was being so called repaired and as now created a major problem for me.
I can't use the computer until my son as sorted it out or not.

How do I get Levono to take responsibility for the problems one or more of their staff have created and the cost to me for all the time it will take to get my computer back to what it was when I sent it off for repair.

I am so worried that my banking details have been copied I had a problem sleeping last night, I am really concerned about this.

As anyone else suffered from this problem?

jeanie99 Sat 18-Apr-15 06:39:16


I am using my netbook at the moment son said not to use my laptop while he is working on it.

pompa Sat 18-Apr-15 06:50:32

If you are worried, contact your banks fraud line, they will advise you what to do and ensure that you are secure.

pompa Sat 18-Apr-15 07:02:10

You should be able to clean all adware.spyware etc using a combination of free tools

Malwarebytes ( will get rid of adware & spyware
Slimcleaner ( will clean up any rubish left behind
Now run your anti-virus scanner on a full scan to delete any virus.

I would repeat the above 3 procedures at least once and if any still report problem, keep re-running until every thing comes back with zero error.

Finally change ALL your passwords ( do this after spyware has been removed)

jeanie99 Sat 18-Apr-15 07:10:20

I am going to contact my bank when they open to ask their advice.
I am concerned my keystrokes could have been copied.

Will it be safe to do Internet banking on my netbook what do you think, or am I now compromised and should keep clear of the site.

I have little knowledge about security.

jeanie99 Sat 18-Apr-15 07:11:52

How can this get on when I have Kasperskly running.

pompa Sat 18-Apr-15 07:15:52

Adware & spyware are not viruses and not always picked up by AV. Is your Kapersky updated regularly, at least weekly.?

Some of these unwanted programs get installed along with other legitimate software, you always need to read and understand the installation notes.

pompa Sat 18-Apr-15 07:16:29

I run Malwarebytes and Slimcleaner weekly.

jeanie99 Sat 18-Apr-15 07:42:50

None of this as been put on by my actions, I rarely download I hadn't any problems other than the webcam not working before I sent my laptop to Levono.
I took all my confidential information off did a back up and my son had checked the machine before sending off also.

The security is set up on a weekly basis and picks up anything that happens in between, never had a problem before.

I will take this matter up with Levono they are without question responsible.

pompa Sat 18-Apr-15 08:23:44

I have just done my weekly malware scan - picked up and removed 52 items, all since last week.
If you use the internet, you are liable to get these unwanted items.
Unless you can provide detailed information on the malware/spyware on your system I doubt Levono will be prepared to take responsibility.
You say this has never happened before, unless you run a scanner like Malwarebytes, you would not necessarily know.

pompa Sat 18-Apr-15 08:49:47

Re-scanned, now zero errors. have run Slimware, that has removed over 10000 rubbish files - 1.2gb. All these have built up since my last scan, typical of normal use, probably all innocuous but slow the system down.
If I am ever concerned about the findings, I will change passwords.

Rider Sun 19-Apr-15 07:59:46

Talking to the bank would be good. They may suggest changing the password as a precaution too. Also, it might best to stop using the computer for banking until you are sure of the account's security. Go into the bank's nearest branch and get a paper statement from them. Examining this might help to put your mind at rest. In the meantime, maybe you could get a mini-statement from a cash machine if you have one nearby that you can safely visit?

I have to say that whenever I have been worried by an online financial dealing, everything has always turned out to be OK. I think you might find the same because you didn't use the site that you suspect wasn't the right one.

Regarding the condition of the computer before it went for repair, was Kaspersky the only security program in place? It's true that no one program will catch everything. I note that you don't install programs that may have unwanted programs included but there are also drive-by infections that can happen, purely by visiting the wrong innocent-looking site. The AV program should detect these but may not always do so.

Best to scan the computer with another program such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware regularly. Maybe also something like AdwCleaner or the other programs already mentioned. Was the computer scanned with any of these before the computer went away?

Most people go blank on me when I mention sandboxing but this can provide good protection when it comes to browsing the Internet.

Jane10 Sun 19-Apr-15 10:45:06

I've just downloaded loaded Malware bytes and feel very proud. Slimcleaner next. Thanks pompa!

Jane10 Sun 19-Apr-15 18:09:05

Well I ran the Malwarebytes programme and it found no threats. Phew. Didn't download the Slimware one as my PC said its signature certificate was corrupt so I got scared and didn't continue. Any ideas pompa?

pompa Sun 19-Apr-15 20:20:26

Regarding slimcleaner, check that you are installing from the site I quoted. I would not worry about the certificate, your AV should pick up any problem. But give me a few days and I will check it out to see if I get the same problem. Away from home atm and only have an IPad with me.
IF malware bytes showed zero errors I would be happy. Read the reviews for malware bytes and you will see how effective it is.
You could try a different anti malware product to double check :-

Are you sure what you saw was not an advert? Many use scare tactics to get you to buy their products by flashing up what appears to be a system message.

Slimcleaner does not get rid on malware, just junk on your drives and in the registry.

pompa Sun 19-Apr-15 20:26:15

For reviews on anti malware etc :-

durhamjen Sun 19-Apr-15 23:51:07

Thanks, pompa. Done them both and it's amazing how much quicker my computer works now. I think most of it was grandson going on youtube, which I try to get rid of straight away.
I was worried when AVG said that malwarebytes was malware!

pompa Mon 20-Apr-15 07:41:21

Every time you use your computer, open an application etc. it creates a lot of temporary work files, logs etc. these should be automatically be closed and removed when you close the application. Life's not that perfect, if the application closes incorrectly for many reasons, those files remain and clog up your system. Slimcleaner searches for and removes those files and registry entries, thus speeding things up. I suggest you run both MB & SC once a week.
Think of it as a detox and good poo for your PC. smile

Jane10 Mon 20-Apr-15 08:10:54

Definitely think my PC has constipation! Will persevere with Slimcleaner.

pompa Mon 20-Apr-15 08:16:28

I choose all the options to clear everything, it does mean I have to re-enter passwords etc. but it gets rid of more rubbish.

durhamjen Mon 20-Apr-15 08:28:20

It also got rid of the login on GN. Sorted now. I should log out after every session I suppose, but quite often I just leave it on because I only come on to add a link to something and then go back to what I was really reading.

Like now.

Jane10 Mon 20-Apr-15 08:29:02

If only I remembered all my passwords!

pompa Mon 20-Apr-15 08:32:17

I never log out

pompa Mon 20-Apr-15 08:35:38

Forgetting passwords has a good side - you have to change them

Pittcity Mon 20-Apr-15 09:01:51

Thanks for reminding me Pompa , just found over 300 threats because I hadn't scanned for ages.