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App for smart phone

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Daxxgty Tue 15-Sep-15 06:47:43

Message deleted by Gransnet for breaking our forum guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

rascal Mon 20-Apr-15 09:54:06

Wow * Pittcity* that's brill! I've got it to work! I've wanted that for ages. Thank you!

Pittcity Mon 20-Apr-15 09:24:59

GN icon is back!
kitty you can get it by opening the website and adding a shortcut to your home screen. How you do this depends on what you are using to look at Gransnet.

kittylester Mon 20-Apr-15 09:04:32

Where did you get a Gn icon from Galen? I want one!

Galen Sun 19-Apr-15 23:45:18

My GN ikon has changed to a mumsnet one, it still goes to GN when I click on it?

Elegran Sun 19-Apr-15 23:13:02

Looks as though they were considering it two years ago today. That is a long gestation with no delivery yet.

rascal Sun 19-Apr-15 22:57:38

That would be a great idea!

geordiejoy Sun 19-Apr-15 11:01:45

I don't use my laptop very often since I had my new smartphone.I notice that mumsnet has an app and wondered if there are any plans for a Gransnet app.