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Mac help – please.

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absent Thu 30-Apr-15 07:10:35

Would you believe it? (I feel like Victor Meldrew.) All I had to do was move the modem further away from the computer. What a relief! grin grin grin

absent Mon 27-Apr-15 00:18:53

Thanks mrsmopp, I might try that. I accessed my Yahoo e-mail with no problems using a friend's Mac yesterday so there is definitely something wrong at my end. I rebooted the modem in case that was the problem but it has made no difference. I shall now try resetting it, which involves poking an unbent paperclip into a small hole in the back – true twenty-first century technology. If that fails, then it looks like a virus and I shall have to get hold of a "man who knows Macs". I can't do that today as it is a public holiday where I live, so I shall try tomorrow.

mrsmopp Sun 26-Apr-15 22:20:04

Absent please contact [email protected] for any computer advice.
He is very helpful. He has a monthly column in the Oldie magazine and he has given me good advice more than once. I recommend him- give it a go, and let us know how you get on.

Mamie Sun 26-Apr-15 15:21:44

OH got up at 4am to start the download as we get unlimited satellite between midnight and 6am. Oh the joys of rural living!

Purpledaffodil Sun 26-Apr-15 15:01:31

I've put Yosemite on my iMac and it has speeded up amazingly. Not sure why, but happy to have it doing so. It is a long download though so may be worth doing more research if you have a limit.
I don't use Chrome or Yahoo, so cannot comment on any possible incompatibility. blush

Mamie Sun 26-Apr-15 06:21:04

Will be interested to know about Yosemite as we are wondering about upgrading our Mac mini. It will be a challenge because it seems to need an enormous number of gigabytes to download and although we now have two wifi networks, one is ADSL delivering 1mg download and the other is satellite delivering up to 20mg but with a strict monthly limit.

Daisyanswerdo Sat 25-Apr-15 23:41:26

I've got a similar problem on my MacBook. Safari refuses to open any links. Email is OK. I've also got Chrome and Mozilla, which are better but not always. My tablet is fine so I'm using that. Need to get Safari fixed so if anyone finds a cure please pass it on. Can't reset Safari because it won't make the link. Maybe I can reset it using Chrome - will try tomorrow.

Purpledaffodil Sat 25-Apr-15 16:15:54

My techie advisor thinks similarly. He also recommends Yosemite which I'm going to have a look at.

glammanana Sat 25-Apr-15 14:28:10

DS1 thinks it is a Yahoo one also he installed Chrome onto mine for me and the problem solved itself.

thatbags Sat 25-Apr-15 13:01:21

Use a different browser, e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Opera.

DH thinks it unlikely that the problem is with Safari. At least he doesn't see how it could be. He thinks the problem is more likely a Yahoo one.

absent Sat 25-Apr-15 08:07:42

Thanks Iam64 but I clear my history a couple of times a day and when I reset Safari, I cleared both history and top sites. It's a stinker!

Purpledaffodil Sat 25-Apr-15 08:07:41

This is no help at all, but my iMac has started to move exceedingly slowly! Will consult with IT expert, sadly located thousands of miles away, to see if he can offer suggestions.

Iam64 Sat 25-Apr-15 07:55:17

absent, my technical skills are legendary (non existent frankly) so I imagine my suggestion will be one you're already familiar with. I had a similar problem with my mac recently, it kept losing any internet connection and was very slow. I cleared the history and that seems to have done the trick.

absent Sat 25-Apr-15 07:52:36

Sorry, I'm bumping this because I am quite desperate to get this problem solved.

absent Sat 25-Apr-15 06:44:03

Safari has decided that it cannot establish a secure link with yahoo, although it has been happily doing so for two years, so I am unable to access my e-mails, some of which are probably quite important. (I will attempt to do so on absentdaughter's computer tomorrow because I need to download and print some stuff out.) I have reset Safari and read through just about every Help option with no success.

Apple is offering a free upgrade to Yosemite and I am in two minds about whether to install this. Could it just exacerbate the problem?

Meanwhile, all internet activity, including Gransnet, is now going at snail's pace.

I am really quite stuck and would welcome suggestions from other Mac users.

P.s. This is a relatively new iMac bought towards the end of last year.