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TV technical query

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numberplease Fri 12-Jun-15 22:38:14

No, the programmes are pre-recorded. I wish now that I`d recorded it instead of watching on the day, then I`d have had my proof. The question was "what is the more familiar name for a pneumothorax?" The 3 choices were, heart attack, punctured lung, and the 3rd I can`t remember. Straightaway, the Eggheads said heart attack. We knew that was wrong, because my husband had been in hospital the previous week with a pneumothorax, which was explained to us as a collapsed lung. When we watched it back on Iplayer, the question was changed to "what is a myocardial infarction better known as?" The choices were the same, obviously. But also, the previous question to the challengers was different to what was in the programme. Strange doings at the BBC.

janerowena Fri 12-Jun-15 10:12:03

Was the programme live? I suspect it was altered. Someone else got in very quickly, and they changed it. A bit naughty though!

Mishap Thu 11-Jun-15 22:29:40

That's weird!

numberplease Thu 11-Jun-15 22:10:51

I don`t quite know what to describe this query as. A couple of weeks ago, whilst watching Eggheads, the Eggheads got a question in the final, a medical question, and I knew that the answer they gave was incorrect, but it was given as correct. Luckily the challengers won the money, or it would have been a grave injustice. I wrote to the BBC, they wrote back saying that what I stated was the question actually wasn`t, therefore the Eggheads were correct. I watched it back on Iplayer, just to see it again..........and the question was a different one! I KNOW what I saw and heard, and my hubby and daughter saw and heard the same thing, so my query is, does anyone know if something can be changed when it`s on Iplayer, after it`s been on TV? It`s really bugging me, and I feel that the BBC have lied to me.