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Downloading a Youtube video to edit.

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Elegran Wed 02-Sep-15 13:09:19

Do any of you techy folk know anything about YouTube?

Over a year ago I uploaded a bit of video I had taken ( I want to incorporate it in another video I am editing since then but I have lost any other copy of it.

I went to my google account, but there is no mention of it on there - it says that I don't have any videos, although I know it is still on the net because I can view it!

Luckygirl Wed 02-Sep-15 17:19:06

Recently Youtube seem to have become more security minded. If you look at the web address, it has a padlock on it now. I was trying to copy and paste a link from Youtube and it no longer allows me to do even that. I suspect that once it is uploaded you cannot get it back; and it is very unfortunate that you no longer have the original.