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Malware, phishing email

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merlotgran Sun 03-Apr-16 18:45:37

Best of luck, harrigran smile

pompa Sun 03-Apr-16 18:42:53

When you receive an email that is unexpected and of a dubious nature, even if it appears to be from someone you know - DON'T OPEN IT DELETE IT.

If it is from some you know, or appears to be, email them and ask them if they sent you a message and re-send it if it was genuine.

Most importantly, run up to date anti virus software.

MiniMouse Sun 03-Apr-16 18:23:46

Thanks Harrigran Hope all goes well on Friday smile

Anya Sun 03-Apr-16 07:16:40

Thanks for the warning Harrigran and good luck for Friday.

ninathenana Sun 03-Apr-16 07:05:48

Isn't that what the OP was all about ? the fact that it's fake confused
Wishing you well Harrigran hope Friday brings good news.

jerryhorn12 Sun 03-Apr-16 00:55:17

ignore that because its totally fake...

Galen Wed 03-Feb-16 12:43:21

And from me! ( stupid iPad typed Mexico not me!)

Charleygirl Wed 03-Feb-16 12:27:17

harrigran I will keep the fingers crossed for Friday, good luck.

POGS Wed 03-Feb-16 12:23:58

Thanks harrigran.

I stupidly lost my tablet a couple of weeks ago and only realised two days ago confused. I might have thought it was connected and been tempted. I know, I know we are warned time and time again but I can do some daft things, especially lately. blush

harrigran Wed 03-Feb-16 11:10:56

I am jogging along quite nicely thanks. I am two weeks post-op today. I have a lot of soreness in muscles and where the staples were, but have managed pain with only paracetamol and none in the last four days. I have to see the consultant on Friday, probably where he tells me what stage the cancer was and whether it had spread. Onwards and upwards smile

shysal Wed 03-Feb-16 11:00:20

Thanks for the warning Harrigran. How are you?

harrigran Wed 03-Feb-16 10:13:44

I have had an email this morning which is potentially serious. If you receive an email from message-service saying they have removed a virus from invoice MOJU-0939 do not open the attachment, it contains malware. It is aimed at small businesses but somehow they have also managed to acquire private addresses angry