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How long does an iPad last?

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mrsmopp Sat 30-Apr-16 07:27:32

Thanks Mamie, I hadn't spotted that!
I guess I should do a search before starting a new thread in future. Silly me........

Mamie Sat 30-Apr-16 06:15:15

Have a look at this thread MrsMopp

mrsmopp Sat 30-Apr-16 00:17:45

My iPad is getting more and more unreliable. I have had the screen going black with the white apple logo almost every day lately. I know this means it is resetting itself, but every day? It is also a lot slower than it used to be. I have just checked when I bought it and it was March 2012. So only four years, maybe that is the norm these days. I use it every day for emails, the web and I have quite a lot of photos on it. But it looks as if it is dying. They are not cheap, are they. How long have you had your iPad? Has anyone had to replace theirs? I would be interested to know.