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Another scam (new to me, anyway)

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Elegran Fri 18-Nov-16 18:08:07

Today I have had to waste time getting rid of four PUPs (Potentially Unwelcome Programmes)

I had been reading some online news, and was tempted into clicking on a link to some before and after photos of celebs who were said to look much better after losing some weight. The first few went OK, but then selecting the "next" button didn't work so I clicked on it a scond time. Up jumped a pop-up window announcing that my PC had become infected with a Trojan virus, that Windows was unable to get rid of it, and I should phone the given number to be told how I could rid my computer of it. At the same time, a recorded voice told me the same thing out loud.

I am not green enough to fall for THAT, thank you, so I exited the browser at once (not easily!) turned off the online connection for my email and ran Malwarebytes to scan for trouble.

While it ran I went into the kitchen, fired up my tablet, and did a Google for a windows pop-up trojan warning with voice. Apparently it is a variation on the phone call from the familiar scammer trying to convince you that "Windows have magically found a virus on your computer but if you do as I say I can fix it". In this case, they are trying to get you to phone them.

But Malwarebytes did discover and quarantine four PUP files that had been planted on my PC with names that included "Speedy PC", which I could then safely delete. Presumably they were planted there by the site where I was looking at the fat celebs. Not exactly a virus, but a toe in the door for scammers wanting to con me into letting them tamper with my security.

Something else to watch out for!

Charleygirl Fri 18-Nov-16 18:12:06

It is never ending, is it?

Ana Fri 18-Nov-16 18:15:43

I haaven't had the pop-ups or virus warnings, but have occasionally looked at those 'before and after' photos. Takes forever to get to the one that tempted you in the first place! grin

Elegran Fri 18-Nov-16 18:29:52

There is always some x*x*x*x trying to con you!

Linsco56 Fri 18-Nov-16 18:44:14

One after another, after another!

There's actually a site 'How to create your own online scam'.

Pity these scammers don't put their creative skills to better use. Scum of the earth!

M0nica Fri 18-Nov-16 19:12:21

Did you see the research recently that showed that older people like us were far less likely to fall for a scam, online or off, than younger people who are so much more trusting and naive, bless their little cotton socks.

rosesarered Fri 18-Nov-16 19:22:30

What a whizz techie you are Elegran
So many potential scams around.

Elegran Fri 18-Nov-16 19:40:36

No, I'm not, Rose, but I took advice and downloaded AVG Free and Malwarebytes Free and run them every week or two, plus an extra run if I get something dodgy like that scam. I also run Ccleaner every few days (that is free as well, the C stands for the crap that it clears out of your PC) to get rid of all the "temporary" internet files that are added to your computer whenever you look at ALL websites (not just the dodgy ones) and then clutter up the hard drive until they are cleared out.

That is three applications that are useful, safe and FREE. You do have to make sure you ignore all the attempts to persuade you to upgrade to the non-free fancier versions, though.

I also search on Google for anything I don't understand - there are usually explanations around that can be understood by non-technical people.

Elegran Fri 18-Nov-16 19:43:14

If you do get AVG and Malwarebytes, you do have to regularly update their databases of what nasties to look out for, or the scammers get out new ones and outfox them.