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bartonlady Mon 13-Feb-17 11:19:03

I use BT cloud to store all my documents, photos etc. Now want to delete some duplicates but can't seem to find the 'dashboard' that's referred to on the website. Does anyone know where there is a simple guide to BT Cloud? All replies gratefully received!

bartonlady Mon 13-Feb-17 11:44:08

I mean BT Cloud in the title!! No hope for me!

MawBroon Mon 13-Feb-17 11:45:08

There was me thinking clouds of steam from trains like the Flying Scotsman! 🚂

bartonlady Mon 13-Feb-17 11:50:57

No MawBroon that's clouds of steam when I can't sort out this [email protected]*$¥ Cloud!! ha ha