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Pictures in PM's

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jacksmum Wed 28-Jun-17 11:34:19

Is there a way to put a picture on a PM on here?

tanith Wed 28-Jun-17 12:06:04

Not as far as I can see 'jacksmum'.

Auntieflo Thu 29-Jun-17 08:35:23

I ought to get out more, or read less murder fiction. PM I interpreted as Post Mortem. Why anyone would put that sort of picture on here is beyond me, but.......

Elegran Thu 29-Jun-17 08:49:51

If you can put the picture somewhere on the net - flickr or some other picture site - you could include a link in your PM.

NanaMacGeek Thu 29-Jun-17 15:49:37

As far as I can see, there is not even the ability to 'Paste' anything into a PM. As most of us use aliases so we can't be identified, perhaps that's the reason for not being able to include anything too personal such as a photo.

NonnaW Thu 29-Jun-17 16:32:00

But you can put photos in any of these threads, so security can't be the reason?

Ana Thu 29-Jun-17 16:41:01

Well, you wouldn't want some pervy old bloke sending you an explicit photo of a part of his anatomy via PM would you?

Some GN members have been the recipients of unwelcome advances in the past - anyone in the world can read GN, don't forget, and only has to join to send a PM.