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iPad going off line

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morethan2 Mon 05-Mar-18 20:08:13

Can anyone shed light on why my iPad keeps going off line. When I input the my WiFi detail is goes back on line. When it’s not in use and I turn it back on I have to sign into my WiFi again. It’s never done this before. Here’s hoping you can come up with the answer.

Bridgeit Mon 05-Mar-18 20:21:17

Mine does the same, usually every evening. We have put it down to the coverage or usage out weighing the capacity at certain times. Not very technical but it happens without fail same time every day. I would contact your internet provider & ask a few questions regarding coverage

BlueBelle Mon 05-Mar-18 20:23:39

I never sign off or shut it completely down then it’s ready all the time I just turn the home oat3 off but not power down

BlueBelle Mon 05-Mar-18 20:24:12

Page not pat3

Oopsadaisy12 Mon 05-Mar-18 21:47:39

Like Bluebell I never power it off, is it asking you to update it?
Mine often updates at night whilst it’s plugged in but left on.

BlueBelle Mon 05-Mar-18 23:37:55

I usually plug mine in to update at night tooOopsadaisy they told me to do that at the Apple shop

PamelaJ1 Tue 06-Mar-18 08:33:01

Mine does that too but it is usually at busy times or when the Wi-fi signal is weak.

Humbertbear Tue 06-Mar-18 08:44:41

It’s not your iPad but your Wi-Fi.

Nana3 Tue 06-Mar-18 09:53:42

My iPad, not my WiFi, has been shutting down for months, it's 6 years old. I ordered a new one yesterday but an android. I decided against apple. I'm writing this on my phone and it is also android. Hope you get sorted soon morethan.

Oopsadaisy12 Tue 06-Mar-18 11:26:15

Even if your WiFi signal is unreliable, you shouldn’t have to go into settings and input your WiFi details again, I go to loads of different house, hotels etc. but once I have logged onto their WiFi the iPad remembers it seemingly for ever!
Try googling the problem, when you’ve got a signal of course!

Nandalot Tue 06-Mar-18 12:59:22

How strange, Morethan, that is exactly what has been happening to me too the last few days. It has never happened before. However, it has coincided with frequent breaks in my WiFi signal. I have had to keep rebooting the hub. That, too, is a new phenomenon.

Nandalot Tue 06-Mar-18 13:01:37

I think it has been a better today since I completed the latest software update. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I haven’t spoken too soon.

Nandalot Tue 06-Mar-18 13:38:18

I think the update was a red herring. When you choose your WiFi network there is a little an ‘i’ at The end of the box. If you click that it brings up a whole new screen and one of the choices is auto-join. I noticed mine had turned itself off. I think that might be what is causing you to have to sign in each time.
P.s. my hub managed to crash again between these posts.

P.s. my hub crashed again between all these posts.

OldMeg Tue 06-Mar-18 13:47:50

Had a few WiFi problems over the past week. But someone always there to answer queries and help even late at night.
Lessons to be learned British Gas 😬

morethan2 Tue 06-Mar-18 15:32:29

Nandalot it looks like you did it. I never took any notice of that little i before. I knew I could rely on gransnet. Many many thanks. smile

Willow500 Wed 07-Mar-18 08:46:41

We had a lot of wi-fi issues a few weeks ago - iPads going off, husband's laptop refusing to load pages, everything running slowly. In the end I Googled it and one of the remedies was to refresh your wifi signal in the router - did it and everything instantly went back to normal. This would obviously depend on your provider and your router model but it might be worth checking it out.

KendraFlorence Wed 02-May-18 21:52:27

Probably has to do with your wifi and the iPad. Try calling in to them and tell them your problem, they'll usually send over someone to fix your problem!