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tears of frustration with Microsoft

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hilarious Thu 18-Oct-18 16:48:07

I am unable to log into my Microsoft account. I cannot remember who helped me to set it up or when it was done so unable to give the necessary information for the endless questions MS ask for a password reset. I have spent hours trying to find a way to communicate with MS, but Googling for information only seems to confirm it's hopeless.
I have the same problem with access to One Note as my Outlook account was set up long ago by an IT company who, I don't think, told me about this storage facility associated with Outlook. Has anyone got advice to help with my problem? (confused)

Bridgeit Thu 18-Oct-18 17:03:38

Perhaps the only way is to open a new account, good luck

NanaandGrampy Thu 18-Oct-18 17:11:19

If you are using Windows 10 , this might help, scroll down the page and there is a step by step guide to talking online to a Microsoft support person.

Good luck.

Situpstraight1 Thu 18-Oct-18 17:15:09

If you used your iPad, go into settings and look for Accounts and Passwords, your passwords will be there in Alphabetical order.

MiniMoon Thu 18-Oct-18 19:30:28

I hope this works because I'm using my kindle!

MiniMoon Thu 18-Oct-18 19:32:23

Oh joy, it did work. I hope the video helps hilarious.

M0nica Fri 19-Oct-18 09:14:08

I have given up with fighting software. When DH is unable to solve my problems, I pay a local computer expert to sort it out.

hilarious Fri 19-Oct-18 13:03:00

Thank you everyone. I have tried a couple of suggestions above, including three attempts at resetting password, but have concluded that I will have to follow Bridgeit's advice and create a new account.

Freakyintel Fri 19-Oct-18 13:30:31

You should try just making a new account, yeah.
Not much else you could do.

tessagee Sat 20-Oct-18 08:40:59

I had a similar problem with Microsoft last year when my Outlook was hacked into. They gave no assistance and in the end after a period of several months I abandoned the account and opened a Gmail address. This has been absolutely fine, no more problems thank goodness.