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Adding Pictures or text files to "threads"

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Rufus2 Sun 30-Dec-18 07:49:58

None of the file extensions I've tried work for me. The "Browse" button under the entry panel doesn't do a thing! Does everything have to be JPEG?

Willow500 Sun 30-Dec-18 07:55:07

Hi Rufus I believe they do have to be jpeg files - I've not tried a PDF one. I often find the only way to locate the file is to put it on the desktop - it depends which device I'm using but if the actual button below isn't working it sounds more technical.

Marydoll Sun 30-Dec-18 08:08:00

Rufus , any image I want to post from the internet, I save as a jpeg first, in a file I called Gransnet, then I can use the browse facility to post on GN..
I have never been able to get a file in any other format to post.

MawBroon Sun 30-Dec-18 08:23:58

rufus I google the subject then just “copy and paste” the title and it comes up as a link
For pictures I click “choose file”:then go to my pictures on my iPad, select and bingo.

Marydoll Sun 30-Dec-18 08:25:37

It must depend on the device you use, Copy and paste doesn't work for me.

Good morning, Maw! grin

BlueBelle Sun 30-Dec-18 08:32:13

I do as Maw does always works for me

Rufus2 Mon 31-Dec-18 00:28:58


Rufus2 Mon 31-Dec-18 00:41:38

Eureka! Something worked, but don't ask me how! I've pressed every button in sight.tchgrin The pic. is a test piece: click on it to enlarge! How about my physog? That would really crash the system. sad
Thank you all very much for your advices!
Happy New Year. Too early for wine? How about cafe?