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Pillow speakers

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H1954 Wed 16-Jan-19 00:47:48

Has anyone had any experience using a pillow speaker? I have really annoying tinnitus and the hospital have suggested I give one a try. I've looked on the internet and there's just so many I though I'd try and get some firsthand knowledge.

phoenix Wed 16-Jan-19 09:53:42

Just bumping this in the hope that someone might be able to help!

J52 Wed 16-Jan-19 10:00:54

If I’m listening to the radio and not disturbing DH, I find that the ear buds just lain on the pillow next to my ears does the trick.
You can hear the radio, quietly without the discomfort of having them in your ear. Cheaper than buying a special pillow. Give it a try first.
BTW I plug them into the Alexa, which I can programme to turn off at a set time.

Izabella Wed 16-Jan-19 10:23:13

Try looking at the Tinnitus society website or the RNID website.

If you have an iPhone or similar and download music onto it, try downloading white noise. On Amazon music for instance there are sounds of waves or streams. This may work out cheaper if you already subscribe. If you have Alexa she will play it for you too.

I have tinnitus and white noise played into one of my hearing aids.

silverlining48 Wed 16-Jan-19 11:09:52

My friend bought me some pillow speakers. I had to buy another clock radio for the connection, it was ok but i havnt used it fir a while as i just put the radio on for an hour and hope to get to sleep in that time. If not i put in on fir another hour...and so my night goes....tinnitis is so loud especially in the quiet if the night.
The speakers were bought in JL.

MiniMoon Wed 16-Jan-19 12:44:05

I sleep alone, and use Alexa to play me "sleep sounds". As j52 says, you can put a sleep timer on for as long as you need.
Just recently my tinnitus has become louder, it's so annoying!

Grannynise Wed 16-Jan-19 14:11:36

I prefer ear buds. I have very little hearing in one ear so a pillow speaker meant always lying with my "good" ear directly on the pillow.

Liaise Mon 28-Jan-19 19:09:39

My son has one of these pillows. He suffers from insomnia and tinnitus. He plays old comedy programmes from way back (the navy lark is one). It helps a lot. I suspect he does sleep through many of them.

midgey Mon 28-Jan-19 20:08:15

I gave my husband one of these, I found it loud and annoying but he loved it! So if you sleep alone it may be great. grin