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MiniMoon Tue 05-Feb-19 15:56:32

I wonder if anyone can help me?
We bought a new 4G QLED tv a couple of weeks ago. Now, whenever we try to use BBC iPlayer it's buffering every couple of minutes, All4 is not so bad but it's very annoying.
My question is, would a Wi-Fi booster help?
Has anyone else had this problem, if so how did you resolve it?
I'd be very thankful for your help.

MiniMoon Tue 05-Feb-19 18:40:06

On no! No answers. sad

Pittcity Tue 05-Feb-19 18:51:03

I presume you are using a wireless connection. Are you able to use a cable between the TV and the internet connection? This usually improves things.
I have no idea about WiFi boosters, sorry.

MiniMoon Tue 05-Feb-19 20:08:12

An no! The internet cable enters the house upstairs in the bedroom where the computer is. We don't use the computer now, as our DS built it. He no longer lives here. We can't re-site the router either, so I just wondered about a Wi-Fi booster.

stree Fri 22-Feb-19 21:09:25

Get a pair of datapoints and a length of CAT 5 or 6 cable,
Do not use datapoint on an extension lead.I use datapoint for my workshop PC, nearly 200 feet away from router, and it runs as fast as the PC next to the router

NanaMacGeek Fri 22-Feb-19 22:24:46

I'd check my broadband speed first, it may just not be fast enough. I may have misunderstood though because I'm not sure what you mean by 4G in your post. If you mean LG TV then I'm not aware that LG call their technology QLED. Perhaps you mean 4K QLED? If you do, have a look at this link:-

If you meant something else, perhaps you could post again.

MiniMoon Fri 22-Feb-19 23:24:05

My son solved this problem for me by adding an Ethernet cable to the tv. All is now okay. No more buffering.