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Porting problems.

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GabriellaG54 Mon 25-Feb-19 23:48:48

My mobile provider recently announced that it was going into liquidation 😡 and 'helpfully' sent a letter of intent with my PAC and a 'free for 1 month' SIM from another provider I'd never heard of.

I immediately scrabbled around online for a good deal as I didn't want to be with a recent newcomer to the mobile market, however, for two days I had to use the 'free' SIM as my original provider was not answering emails, calls or live chat.

In order to use the interim SIM card I had to give all the usual data plus bank details, which would enable them to take money when the free month came to an end.
Getting out of that is a continuing nightmare, as I had to live chat to ask that all my data was removed from their systems, esp bank details. They then said I had to download and print a form, fill it in, sign it and post it to them. 🤔😮🤬

A week ago I gave my PAC to the company I chose to change to and they said it would be live the next day - I'm still waiting.
They're having technical issues and asked me to ring this Wednesday 27th but cannot confirm that the issues will be resolved.
Meanwhile, I wondered why my phone was strangely quiet. Of course, calls and texts are going to my un-ported number.
I was told compensation would be paid but it's not about money, not to me, anyway. It's about a week or more of people who don't have my email address, wondering why I'm not answering calls or texts.
Technology definitely has it's downside.
Have you had any annoying experiences with your mobile provider?

B9exchange Tue 26-Feb-19 09:20:06

You have my sympathies, was with V*phone for 20 years, but finally gave up and moved (to Sk*) as their customer service was so appalling. Mobile reception here not good, but just have to live with it. Losing mobile and online contact is like losing a limb now, it hurts! All I can advise is to keep making a nuisance of yourself to them and it will come right in the end, then seek compensation!