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Photo editing program?

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Nata Thu 23-Jan-20 08:10:43

I've always wanted to be a painter but now as I work with computer quite a lot I think about doing photo editing. It is the same art but in digital form and when I look at all these nice pictures made in Photoshop I dream about doing it myself. My young daughter helped me to install Photoshop but it looks too complicated. Can someone recommend another editor which will be easier?

Yehbutnobut Thu 23-Jan-20 08:48:11

Try photo editor and my sketch. Just play around with them.

Marydoll Thu 23-Jan-20 09:01:56

Nata, it always looks complicated initially. Try just playing around with it, testing out the different functions. You will be surprised at much easier it becomes. You just need to get used to it.
Whenever I'm struggling to do something in this type of program, I used Google.
How do you do.......... in Photoshop?.
Persevere, don't give up!

Scribbles Thu 23-Jan-20 10:34:09

I found Photoshop really difficult at first but got hold of a very useful book called "Photoshop version ** for Dummies" which became my bible and still sits within hand's reach of my lap top.

FearlessSwiftie Thu 23-Jan-20 11:01:49

I found Photoshop difficult too and now I use a pc picture editor called Photo works, it was much easier for me. I don't do a lot of editing, just have some fun with it from time to time but it is fine

ananimous Sat 22-Feb-20 12:27:56

Get Microsoft Paint. Classic Microsoft Paint should already be on your Windows PC. In the search box next to Start on the taskbar, type paint and then select Paint from the list of results. If you have the latest version of Windows 10 and want to try something new, open Paint 3D featuring new 2D and 3D tools

rosecarmel Sat 22-Feb-20 15:34:54

There's Pixlr and Pixlr X or express- You can use it on site or with an app-

sneazzy95 Sat 29-Feb-20 21:55:24

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NotSpaghetti Sun 01-Mar-20 00:04:07

Photoshop just needs you to put the hours in. It really isn't hard it just has lots of features.
My photographer friend uses "Lightbox" I think. I expect that needs practice too though.

On my iPad I sometimes use "Photoshop Fix" which is very basic but useful and I think it was free. It has many less features than Photoshop.

michellestoclet Wed 01-Apr-20 14:52:11

Do you have a Mac computer? or Windows?
What kind of editing do you want to do?
Photoshop is too complicated, I agree. I would go for Preview or Canva, or even just edit them on my phone first!