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Apple versus Android Robles

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mrsmopp Mon 09-Mar-20 14:51:29

We have an Apple laptop and I have an Apple email address. I bought a Sony phone for a good price but I can’t add my Apple email on it. They seem to be incompatible..
Is there a way round this? I could add a new address to the Sony but I’d prefer to keep the email I have. I cant pick up emails any more unless I’m at home..

MiniMoon Mon 09-Mar-20 15:19:50

You can, but you have to go round the houses to do it. Have a look at this, it should help.

NotSpaghetti Mon 09-Mar-20 16:30:56

What is a Roble?

BlueBelle Mon 09-Mar-20 16:34:11

My question too spaghetti

mrsmopp Mon 09-Mar-20 18:02:50

Fat finger syndrome 🙂

sneazzy95 Sun 03-May-20 01:15:04

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