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Rolling Scrolling

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Rufus2 Fri 01-May-20 13:25:57

Here's an odd thing! Sometimes when I scroll down, or up, a thread to locate a particular message the mouse pointeer suddenly takes off like a scalded cat until it stops at the top, or bottom. Its speed can be controlled to some extent using the mouse, but there's no means of stopping it in flight!
Has anyone any suggestions as to where to look? As I said, it happens at random times.

A new mouse is probably the answer; after all they're cheap enough, but any other hardware could cost! sad
Being "old school", I never chuck anything out unless it's proved really dead; that's why my garage is half full of obsolete/ non-working stuff! grin

HootyMcOwlface Fri 01-May-20 13:31:04

No advice, sorry! But I have similar problem with my old laptop, I think it’s a quirk on that that though and not the mouse. Interested to find out if anyone knows how to stop it, it’s very annoying.

Rufus2 Fri 01-May-20 14:51:29

Interested to find out if anyone knows how to stop it, it’s very annoying
Just done what I should have done first!; consulted Dr. Google blush.
I haven't followed it through yet, but suggestions are to check mouse settings and change "No, of lines" if necessary to 3 or 1 or "default"
I'll look tomorrow!

JackyB Fri 01-May-20 15:37:10

You may be clicking inadvertently on something. It doesn't sound like it, but if it is, this may be due to your mouse becoming more sensitive or maybe you have developed a twitch!wink

Rufus2 Sat 02-May-20 15:25:29

developed a twitch!wink
Jacky No! Not while I'm at my computer. Twitches save themselves up until I'm trying to get to sleep in bed!
Which reminds me, my Doona (Duvet?) hasn't been cleaned for over 5 years shock
What's best for knocking off bed bugs? Laundry wash, dry-clean or bin it and by a new one?
Decisions, decisions! confused
Btw; I'm still suffering from rolling scrolling. sad
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