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ninathenana Tue 07-Jul-20 15:26:24

I love crosswords but confess I do get stuck occasionally.
I use and have done for a couple of years. For the last couple of days the page won't load despite trying different routes.
Does anyone else use the site and are having trouble ?

Marydoll Tue 07-Jul-20 15:51:19

Nina I can get in, but it took ages to load.

ninathenana Wed 08-Jul-20 10:14:23

Thanks Marydoll
I managed to get in last night but then when I entered a word and clicked nothing happened.

Jane10 Wed 08-Jul-20 10:22:27

Oh I'm so glad to read this. I thought it must just be a problem with my tablet and phone. I do miss that site. I got in a couple of times yesterday but mostly it just wouldn't load. Must be a problem their end.

ninathenana Wed 08-Jul-20 14:27:31

Jane10 lets hope they sort it soon.

I tried "Contact us" that didn't work either