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Finding a song/music on your phone with Google..

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bikergran Fri 06-Nov-20 17:41:47

I have recently found out when I was sat in the car waiting for gs to come out of school.

I had radio on in the car and was messing about with Google microphone on my phone.

I pressed the Microphone button, the pressed search for music.

It scanned and brought up the song that was on the radio.

maybe a bit of useless information if you already know.

But the other week on GN someone wanted to find what a piece of music was called.

You can try it out with any music radio/youtube etc.

If I m talking gobbledy Goosh just ignore me lol grin

fevertree Fri 06-Nov-20 18:06:24

shock my husband has wished for this forever!

How clever.

fevertree Fri 06-Nov-20 18:18:34

bikergran you will have to spell out the steps! smile - I can't get it to work. blush

Oopsminty Fri 06-Nov-20 18:29:35

You can also download Shazam on your phone. Excellent app for this.

I'd have loved this in the 70s! The anguish of trying to decipher lyrics and praying the DJ would say what it was!

On the iPhone you can just say Hey Siri, what's that song


bikergran Sat 07-Nov-20 08:49:33


Find your google app on your phone.

just to the right hand side there is a little picture of a microphone.(may be slightly diff on your pho

click the microphone

Further down it should say

" search for song"

the song you are listening to via the tv /radio /car etc will be displayed.

bikergran Sat 07-Nov-20 08:51:18

Its really good if you happen to be somewhere and you think " oh I like this song but you don't know what it is "

Just test it out with some music.

tanith Sat 07-Nov-20 10:17:38

It works with Siri on the iPad too

fevertree Sat 07-Nov-20 22:22:33

Thanks, biker smile

JackyB Sun 08-Nov-20 09:03:07

I use Shazam for this, too. It shows the lyrics,and if applicable the album, artist of course, year recorded and I think it offers a download as well but I haven't tried that.

Ginnytonic5 Sun 08-Nov-20 09:08:41

Definitely Download Shazam....just point your phone at the radio, press and it brings all the information up within seconds ..even works if you are in the middle of a store and hear something they are playing you like !

bikergran Sun 08-Nov-20 09:15:37

feverfew Shazam sound good also . smile

SilviaAnderson Fri 28-May-21 15:33:32

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JenniferBarbara Mon 13-Dec-21 03:18:57

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