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Bought amazon firestick, trying to download Netflix app

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bikergran Wed 11-Nov-20 21:37:23

Hello you techy wizards, thought I was being too smug🙄. Bought. Amazon firestick light today(to make my old TV into smart TV) have installed the firestick but when I try to install Netflix app it says I have to provide a payment are completedt as all purchases are completed with your amazon account, but yet the app says its free. ? anyone? I'm new to this firestick lark. Thanks in advance🤔

petra Wed 11-Nov-20 21:56:23

I think you might be getting confused with the ^free app*
Some apps are free and some you have to pay for.
All the app does is enable you to receive something. But that something has to be paid for.
You certainly have to pay for Netflix. That's unless you have a smart tv and use someone else's password.

phoenix Wed 11-Nov-20 22:03:36

Yep, can't get Netflix free!

bikergran Wed 11-Nov-20 22:12:07

I didn't explain myself, I do know that Netflix itself isn't free, I do have Netflix via my dd. What I meant was the firestick would not even let me download the Netflix app or any other free app until I had put a payment card on my amazon account. I have now done that and downloaded the Netflix app. 👌

phoenix Wed 11-Nov-20 22:21:44

Brill, result!

I think "they" only ask for that info in case you want to watch a film that is on pay to view.

We have Amazon Firestick, I wanted to watch "The Favourite" but it was £6 at the time, so as I already pay monthly for Amazon Prime, I thought "sod that!"