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Digital queen to give "alternative Christmas message" on C4

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Elegran Thu 24-Dec-20 08:46:16

I hope they make it VERY clear that this is a fake. When a radio station broadcast "War of the Worlds" for the first time it cause widespread panic when people tuned in to hear that Earth was being invaded by alien forces. There are some sources that are generally believed to be genuine.
Channel 4 said, "the intention was to give a "stark warning" about fake news in the digital age." but whatever the digitised "queen" says is certain to be taken as Gospel truth by many people and repeated all over Social Media round the Globe. It is handing ammunition to the real fake-newsers.

Lucretzia Thu 24-Dec-20 09:22:45

I've seen a clip of this. The Queen is cavorting around and dancing on a table.

The voice is a poor impression as well

But I doubt anyone would think it real

Elegran Thu 24-Dec-20 11:34:13

Foreigners might. There are some weird concepts around the globe already about the queen.

AmberSpyglass Thu 24-Dec-20 12:54:40

Given that “foreigners” aren’t actually stupid, I doubt they’ll be taken in...