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Yet another Telephone Scam

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SpringyChicken Sat 09-Jan-21 20:29:17

My husband heard about this telephone scam via his Facebook group. Apologies if it has already been flagged up and I'm repeating it.

A scammer calls and asks 'can you hear me?' The aim is to get you to respond 'yes'. The conversation is being recorded and your voice saying 'yes' is used to further their purposes.

It's very difficult not to say yes, yet another reason to let all calls go to message on the answering machine.

fourormore Sat 09-Jan-21 22:14:54

Thanks for flagging this up SpringyChicken - I can see how a recording of your voice saying 'Yes' could be used on voice activated calls so I always believe that the more we publicise these scams the more likely we are to react should we receive one!