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Why all the adverts for a new phone?

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Grammaretto Wed 17-Mar-21 16:07:11

I keep getting ads for an upgrade £150 off etc for the latest Samsung.
I bought a Samsung phone years ago when they were cheap and went on to a contract from a pay-as-you-go. With the help of you GNers I managed to reduce the amount I was paying monthly, considerably, and I was offered a free phone with the contract. I chose one I like but since then, about 2 years ago, I am bombarded with these "offers". Doesn't my contract include upgrades?

MrsJamJam Wed 17-Mar-21 16:19:04

Your contract will probably run for two years and during that time you are paying for the cost of the handset as well as the service. The most economical thing to do at the end of that time is to go onto a SIM only deal. Do Not keep on paying the same amount, you are just giving away money. The phone company want to persuade you that you need a new phone so that you will continue to pay them the higher amount. My Samsung phone is now 5 years old and still going strong, so when I need to replace it I can pay for the handset outright from my savings and not keep on paying interest to the phone company. Check the Martin Lewis MSE website where I think he explains it better than I do. Only youngsters need to look cool with the latest gadget!

Grammaretto Wed 17-Mar-21 16:40:00

MrsJamJam thankyou. Too true I am not interested in the latest model though I do want a phone to last.
I will check the Martin Lewis website.
GN comes to the rescue again!

robew Sun 25-Apr-21 23:28:16

If you want a phone to last, you should, first, buy a new phone not a used one, and second, buy one of the latest phones cause it will lasts with the updates and all.

MiniMoon Mon 26-Apr-21 00:14:41

If you click on that link they probably will robew rob you!