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Old HP All in one printer C 4180 page feed problem

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rowyn Sat 20-Mar-21 11:50:49

Said printer works well, except that now, it tends to miss picking up roughly every other page. So I then have to manually - and gently - feed the page in. Sometimes I have 3 or 4 tries before succeeding.
I've tried wiping what I can reach through the access at the back, but it feels/sounds as if something on the right hand side is catching/ missing as the paper moves through.
Any ideas?

NellG Sat 20-Mar-21 12:40:50

My BiL repairs computers etc - his advice would be buy a new printer, because any repair would probably cost more. Sounds like something has just worn out tbh.

rowyn Sat 20-Mar-21 16:23:34

Thanks NellG. I kind of expected that in this modern age, but its just irritating me that it will feed paper without help randomly half of the time!

Marydoll Sat 20-Mar-21 16:44:19

Have you tried HP online support, it's free? We have two HPs in our home and I use the help facility quite often.
I hate to throw out electronic equipment and will persevere until, if possible, I get a solution.
I spent ages recently sorting my all in one and was delighted when I got it up and running again, as good as new. It could be the tiniest scrap of paper stuck to the rollers.