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Need to get a new phone, have F7Edge at present 4 years old. Want something reasonably simple, with no adverts automatically covering everything

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tanith Fri 30-Apr-21 08:11:36

I’m on my third Samsung, a J7 presently they are simple to use and do everything I need. Apple are so expensive.

simtib Fri 30-Apr-21 08:01:18

Everything apple is designed to lock you into Apple's overpriced system. Avoid it.

grannysyb Fri 30-Apr-21 07:56:56

I have a Samsung J5 which I am happy with., I can't afford Apple. DH has a Nokia which I can't get to grips with when he has problems with it! I buy my phones from Tesco, good value and helpful staff. When DHS contract with unhelpful EE runs out I will drag him to Tesco! As for adverts I just put on the adblocker app.

GagaJo Fri 30-Apr-21 07:35:33

I have a Motorola, G7 or 8 (don't remember which). A fraction of the price of an iPhone, does exactly the same things.

I don't get why anyone wants to pay over the odds for tech when it's unnecessary.

Esspee Fri 30-Apr-21 06:22:53

Although I use an iPad heavily I would not dream of buying an iPhone. They are ridiculously overpriced and android phones such as Samsung do the same job at a fraction of the price.

EilaRose Fri 30-Apr-21 01:55:48

Personally I don't like the whole Apple thing and prefer Android. Currently I have the LG Q7 Dual SIM but the Q7 has probably been superseded as I've had this phone for a couple of years. I have had LG's in the past and never had a minute's problem with any of them. If you are on a tight budget then a chinese brand, usually sold on eBay etc, are also OK although they often have features that I didn't generally use.

Androids have expandable memory, I have a 32Gb microSD that I've had in several phones during the last 10+ yrs, but the Q7 will accept a 64Gb. MicroSD's are also quite affordable if bought on eBay etc.

Check phone features here <>. Android phones cost a whole lot less than Apple.

At my son's suggestion I bought an Apple phone some years ago and, like you, my account was frozen and the money lost even though I provided proof of my identity. Along with the money, all my photos and music were lost as well, so I wasn't happy as I had spent countless hours copying all my old record/LP's, CD's etc.

wexorap Fri 30-Apr-21 00:44:09

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BlueBelle Sun 21-Mar-21 05:52:57

Apple for me too
I agree with others an old account shouldn’t make any difference

Chestnut Sat 20-Mar-21 23:33:13

If you haven't used your Apple account for some time then they have probably closed it down. Just start from scratch. It probably won't recognise your e-mail address if it's been closed , but if it comes up 'already in use' then just ask for a password reminder and you'll be back into it.

Gwenisgreat1 Sat 20-Mar-21 12:06:17

Oh dear - I would have recommended Apple, I bought and SE last year, have you phoned Apple about the problem you are having?

CleoPanda Sat 20-Mar-21 12:00:57

I’m a bit confused. You don’t need access to an old Apple account in order to buy, set up and use any new Apple phone. You can buy any new IPhone and start completely afresh.

Christalbee Sat 20-Mar-21 11:56:40

Any ideas please?? I thought about an Apple, but can't get any access to my old account (10 years ago). It is useless, just can't access it, so no Apple suggestions please. Thank you.