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Hotmail emails not working

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Jaffacake2 Sat 20-Mar-21 17:24:53

Hi ladies, please someone help me I am hopeless with technology problems.
On my Samsung phone the hotmail email account has a message to update credentials in order to download emails. It's not a separate full message just like a pop up. The hotmail working on my tablet just not the phone.
I haven't filled in the credentials as feel this is probably a scam and don't want to compromise the account.
Can't believe how anxious this has made me feel. Live alone and no-one to help me with this. Any ideas please ?

NellG Sat 20-Mar-21 17:28:35

Delete the mail app and re add it, using your credentials? That way you're not tapping into a pop up. It might be that the server has dropped the connection - it happens to me with another provider sometimes.

Blossoming Sat 20-Mar-21 17:33:28

I don’t have a Samsung ‘phone but I do use hotmail on multiple devices. It sounds like your ‘phone and tablet are out of synch. Does your ‘phone have an option to synch accounts? It’s usually under Settings > Mail > Synch email or similar.

Jaffacake2 Sat 20-Mar-21 21:02:58

Thank you for your advice xx

Atqui Sat 20-Mar-21 21:45:07

I have same problem . I have an I phone and an iPad and I’m not getting emails from hotmail on my phone. I can’t find the sync intruction

burbigo3 Sun 25-Apr-21 23:41:16

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