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amalcolm Mon 12-Apr-21 18:41:05

Hi all,

Looking for some help/suggestions for good resources to help my parents become more comfortable using computers. I've tried helping them myself e.g. setting up an email account for my father etc, but they aren't very confident and don't take to me trying to explain things to them. Wondering if anyone heard of any resources out there to help older adults learn some basic computer skills?


cornishpatsy Mon 12-Apr-21 18:54:54

Most libraries have basic computer courses.

geekesse Mon 12-Apr-21 18:55:47

Age UK run courses:

NotSpaghetti Mon 12-Apr-21 19:08:22

U3A maybe?

RubabAyesha Mon 03-May-21 03:49:33

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Kim19 Mon 03-May-21 04:02:46

I think being kindly repetitive and slow with instructions is a help. Things which are second nature to us sometimes take longer to sink in with the more mature. There is an in-built 'feel stupid' area in many of us which makes us 'dislike' new stuff but most of us love the convenience once we 'get' it. One of the advantages I find of my current age is that I don't seem to mind looking stupid any more. Positively a no go area in the days when I thought I knew everything!

tanith Mon 03-May-21 07:21:57

Wouldn’t it be easier to teach them to use an iPad/ tablet? I find I no longer use my computer/ laptop but do everything on either my phone or iPad much easier.

sodapop Mon 03-May-21 09:00:23

I think you are right amalcolm it would definitely be better for a professional to help your parents. If my children are attempting to explain something to me there is often eye rolling and "oh mother". I would not take kindly to slow, repetitive instructions either.
I'm sure as others have said there are courses available or someone other than a family member who will help at home when it's possible.
Tanith's idea about the i-pad was a good one. I hardly ever use my lap top now.

Elusivebutterfly Mon 03-May-21 09:06:17

I disagree about the ipad/tablet. I find it much easier to use a laptop with a keyboard to type on. I have used a computer since the 80s but simple things I do on a laptop I can't do on a phone/tablet.

Umair Mon 03-May-21 11:42:30

Youtube is one of the best resources we have online to teach anyone about anything. Operating computers would be a fun when you have simple tutorials in the form of videos. You should find out related videos about any particular topic and send it to your parents via WhatsAPP. They should practice it. And I hope all will be good.

tanith Mon 03-May-21 12:33:46

Elusivebutterfly I am assuming amalcoms parents would only be doing simple tasks like email, internet searches maybe banking nothing hugely complicated that could be done easily on an iPad/tablet.

Elusivebutterfly Mon 03-May-21 16:42:20

Tanith - they are just the things that I find easier on a laptop. It is so slow to type on a tablet and I make a lot more mistakes. I wouldn't attempt banking on a tablet with passwords being so important. Neither can I post a link/copy and paste on a tablet. For me, I only use a tablet for reading.

tanith Mon 03-May-21 16:49:09

Understandable if you find it easier, copy and paste and links are easy on iPad and the banking apps are very secure.

TerriBull Mon 03-May-21 16:49:31

I agree Elusivebutterfly, I hate typing on a tablet, my husband bought me one, I use it so rarely, he uses it most of the time, I prefer my laptop.