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Tracker app on phone

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Graygirl Sun 18-Apr-21 14:22:47

This was suggested by GS over a hot chocolate in the garden. DH has nerve damage in spine, mentioned that I was worried about his GD going out alone in case he goes down, all ready have family names marked with relationship in phones on advice from friend who heard of a case of A&E nurse having trouble contacting family from contact's in patents phone. How do I find a good app and good idea or not. On a lighter side GS told him he should go to vet and get chipped lol

Graygirl Fri 23-Apr-21 14:38:25

Thank you all, told GS all the apps that have been suggested, he looked at them all and thinks the life 360 is best for our needs. Of course being 14 he wonders of he can put it on his sister's phone when she goes to university just for fun lol

Vintagegirl Tue 20-Apr-21 09:42:36

We use free App called 'Friend Locator'... needs to be installed on both phones. Hubbie is on a bicycle. It helps to know when he will be coming home.

Harmonypuss Tue 20-Apr-21 01:22:55

Many a time I've thought about putting a 'find me' app on my partner's phone because he works a couple of hundred miles away and he can be a bit vague when I ask where he is or what he's doing.
I've also thought about Implanting a GPS enabled microchip in him.
I am a qualified/authorised microchip implanter and many years ago I used to spend 2 weekends a month sitting in a couple of pet shops (large national chain) microchipping pets. Several people (mainly ladies) would jokingly ask whether I would microchip their husband or children and I would jokingly answer 'if you lost them would you really want them back'?

Gelisajams Mon 19-Apr-21 17:44:40

Another call for life 360. You both need it on your phone. Then you can track each other.

Greciangirl Mon 19-Apr-21 16:07:57

I must have an old phone as don’t have an emergency call button as described.
I have just put ICE numbers in my regular contacts.
I never lock my phone, so should be a problem.

4allweknow Mon 19-Apr-21 15:30:48

My phone is locked and needs a pin number to access. My DS has my GD tracked on his phone. Gd phone is only accessible to her outwith school hours and only approved numbers can be contacted or contact her. A tracking app would help you.

shysal Mon 19-Apr-21 15:12:56

If the phone isn't locked the ICE app on which you have entered your emergency contact numbers will be accessible. If you don't have an app you can add the letters ICE to the relevant names on your contact list. The emergency services are used to searching for these numbers.

Grannynannywanny Mon 19-Apr-21 15:08:49

If you’ve entered your emergency contacts under ICE that’s the search another person will do on your phone and find the numbers there. It was a revelation to me that could be accessed without unlocking the phone. But if you’ve already set up contact numbers and named them as ICE it will be easy for anyone to find them.

Lizzyflip Mon 19-Apr-21 15:00:40

How do you get the ICE numbers if your phone isn't locked? I can't see an emergency button on mine. Sorry I'm not very techie.

kittylester Mon 19-Apr-21 14:55:57

There are issues about putting a Tracker on someone's phone without permission even if that person has some sort of cognitive impairment.

Grannynannywanny Mon 19-Apr-21 14:12:07

HurdyGurdy there’s a very helpful and informative post further up this thread from LadyStardust. I had no idea till she explained it that the emergency button on the keypad leads to the ICE numbers without unlocking the phone.

HurdyGurdy Mon 19-Apr-21 14:03:41



I have my two daughters as ICE1 & ICE2 in my contacts they appear at the top of the list. Should alert someone who to contact In Case of Emergency.

I did that many years ago with my son and daughter’s contact details on my mobile and they are still listed as such in my current phone. But in recents years my phone is locked when not in use and my PIN is needed to access it.

I’ve gone back to old fashioned pen and paper now and have emergency numbers in my phone wallet.

I have taken a screenshot of my two ICE numbers and have that as my screensaver, so they don't need to unlock the phone

I think I read that tip from someone on Gransnet smile

Riggie Mon 19-Apr-21 13:33:19


shysal and Grannynannywanny. You are very welcome! Years ago I thought the emergency call button was just a shortcut to call 999! smile

Years ago it was! At least on the phone I had.

kwest Mon 19-Apr-21 13:25:09

Some really useful information here. I will look at my phone with greater interest in future.

grandtanteJE65 Mon 19-Apr-21 12:52:51

I have a note with contact details in my wallet, as I rarely take my phone out of the house with me.

And of course a locked phone is no use to anyone trying to find my next of kin.

icanhandthemback Mon 19-Apr-21 12:01:01

My 20 year old son has always allowed us to see where he is via "Find My" on his iPhone. It is very useful when he is on his way home from Uni so we know when to start cooking dinner. There have been a couple of occasions when it has put my husband's mind at rest when we know he has been out on the razzle in a strange place and he can see that he has arrived where he is staying safely. Personally, I rarely use it as I would worry more and I think we are lucky that our son is so open.

BassGrammy Mon 19-Apr-21 12:00:20

I’ve never had a lock on my phone since a diabetic friend of mine was taken ill whist we were out and we couldn’t access any numbers on her phone to contact her family for advice.
However I have my ICE number displayed on the Home Screen, so anyone looking at my phone would know who to contact. It’s easy to set that up!

Emelle Mon 19-Apr-21 11:34:35

I often walk alone, with the dog, out in the country and I have started setting a Livetrack on my Garmin watch which I Whatsapp back to DH. It is very reassuring that if I did have some kind of emergency such as a fall, he would no where to start looking for me.

NemosMum Mon 19-Apr-21 11:33:09

You could get a Footprint Tracker: it's actually a very small mobile phone worn on a lanyard, gives precise readout on map, automatically dials up to 3 preset numbers in turn if there is a fall (activated by sudden drop), has single button which dials presets in turn if pressed. It was invaluable for my father when he was at a stage where he still went out on walks by himself and often fell down. I could send someone to the precise spot where he was and keep him on the line. Purchase of the Footprint was not that expensive and it was £50pa for the service. It was so precise, I could tell whether he was in his room, in the dining room or in the garden of his care home at any time. I could also dial it, and it opened the mic automatically so I could speak to him.

LizzieDrip Mon 19-Apr-21 11:26:52

I have my family on Life60 - it’s brilliant (and free). Started using it a few years ago when GS was doing orienteering. Now our family ‘bubble’ is on it. I would definitely recommend it for the situation you describe.

Scribbles Sun 18-Apr-21 21:45:25

Thanks from me, also, LadyStardust. I was another who thought that Emergency function was just a shortcut to 999 when the phone is locked! I have my ICE contacts starred in my address book so they're always at the top of the list but had no idea until now that there's another way to get to them.

LadyStardust Sun 18-Apr-21 20:43:26

shysal and Grannynannywanny. You are very welcome! Years ago I thought the emergency call button was just a shortcut to call 999! smile

Alygran Sun 18-Apr-21 17:09:11

You might also install the app ‘What 3 words’. This has a unique three word code for every square meter in the world and can be used by GPS if the phone is out of mobile signal range. It has been used by emergency services when people have been lost in forests etc.

Grannynannywanny Sun 18-Apr-21 16:30:42

LadyStardust thank you very much for that helpful tip. I’ve had an iPhone for years and didn’t realise that emergency function was there at my fingertips!

I pressed on it and lo and behold my daughter and son’s numbers were there under ICE where I entered them in my contacts list years ago. I had no idea their numbers could be accessed in an emergency without unlocking the phone.

I’m going to tidy my phone wallet now and dispense with the bits of paper with emergency contacts on them 🙈

Humbertbear Sun 18-Apr-21 16:24:21

Life 360 will show you where he is.