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Deleting a thread I've posted

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Sparkling Wed 28-Apr-21 07:32:48

How can I delete I post please

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 28-Apr-21 07:33:50

Press report on your OP and ask GNHQ to delete it

BlueBelle Wed 28-Apr-21 07:54:36

You can’t ....we can’t be trusted with that facility, you have to ask HQ to do it by reporting it as oops says

Esspee Wed 28-Apr-21 08:08:30

Whether they respond depends on whether your post was written in Vietnamese or not.

FannyCornforth Wed 28-Apr-21 08:25:20

Hi Sparkling
Taking into consideration how long it could take for it to be removed, I might be inclined to add a post to your thread explaining that you have changed your mind and want it removed due to confidentiality issues, and ask for no further comments to be added. That way the thread might drop off the active list more quickly.