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Easy to use Smartphone

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Grannycool52 Wed 12-May-21 22:43:55

Doro have some especially good models for those who have hearing loss.

LadyStardust Wed 12-May-21 22:04:27

Both my parents bought a Doro smart phone, which is supposed to be easy to use and navigate. I personally found it most confusing, but perhaps that's because I'm used to standard smart phones. Doro do a lot of different models all geared to the older person.

varian Wed 12-May-21 20:38:23

Thanks Alegrias I'll have a look at that one.

Alegrias1 Wed 12-May-21 15:20:54

DF just got this one about 2 weeks ago varian. He's spent a while getting used to it but he likes it.

varian Wed 12-May-21 15:12:21

Can anyone recommend an easy to learn and easy to use smartphone for an oldish chap who has never really used a mobile phone but is computer literate and has had a pc for many years?

It must be large as he cannot abide a tiny screen or keyboard and preferably an android rather that iphone.