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How to wireless printer to new computer

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mar76 Sun 16-May-21 12:49:30

Can anyone help?

NotSpaghetti Sun 16-May-21 12:56:35

Can you switch both on and "search for new devices and printers" in the control system of the computer?
I think new ones tend to be "plug-and-play" these days but you may need to download drivers?

cb1963 Sun 16-May-21 13:09:58

If you search on YouTube there are lots of tutorials for wireless printer set up.

Blossoming Sun 16-May-21 13:14:35

I and many others could probably help if you were to give us the exact make and model of your printer and computer, plus details of your computer’s operating system, including the release.

Sago Sun 16-May-21 15:51:27

Make sure the printer is on select wireless from the menu.
Open the computer.
Go to the Bluetooth menu in settings.
Them click on visible devices
They should then speak to each other.

Aveline Sun 16-May-21 17:40:24

I ended up just buying a cable and connecting it up that way!

dahlia Thu 03-Jun-21 17:11:34

Yes, Aveline, I found this the only way to prevent frustration, too!

Bigred18 Fri 04-Jun-21 05:51:54

Ive just installed a printer to my computer.
It's an HP and I did it through the HP Smart app (downloaded from Play Store). I just followed the on-screen instructions and it's up and working. It doesn't plug into the computer, works via wireless only.

NotSpaghetti Fri 04-Jun-21 09:40:59

I just did mine too bigred with my old HP printer and new laptop.
I went to HP and downloaded the drivers and followed the instructions there.

grannyactivist Fri 04-Jun-21 10:38:54

I have a glitch whereby one of my laptops won’t wirelessly print, but my other, newer, laptop, iPad and phone do. Of course the one I really need to print from is the one that won’t! 🤯

Humus741 Sat 05-Feb-22 13:29:14

In theory, you could print wirelessly. The printer you have now should be part the network. You've got the network laser printer. The Ethernet of the printer needs to have been connected to your router, or a switch that's connected to your WAN but not linked to your PC.

Missedout Sat 05-Feb-22 16:47:23

When you first turn on your wireless printer, the printer needs to be connected to your home WiFi network and you will need to use the 'settings' option on your printer menu to enter your WiFi password (as shown on the back of your router).

Once your printer is visible to your WiFi (it is allocated an address on your home network), your computer will also be able to 'see' it. You will need to go into your computer settings to 'add devices - printer' and select your wireless printer. Once you've done that, whenever you want to print anything using your computer, your printer will be seen to be available (make sure you have turned your printer on first).

tanith Sat 05-Feb-22 16:52:41

The OP didn’t come back in 9 months so I’m guessing they solved their problem.

Blossoming Sat 05-Feb-22 16:56:53

It’s a zombie thread, I’ve reported the spammer.