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Disobedient printer

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Jaxie Sat 29-May-21 14:50:21

My printer insists it is off line when it isn’t. It’s a Canon. What di I do?

Daisend1 Sat 29-May-21 14:58:09

Can you get hold of a technician ? this is the quickest way to get sorted.

Manhattan Sat 29-May-21 14:59:18

If it's wi-fi, then a simply reboot of your broadband router may be all that's required. Make sure you have downloaded any firmware updates and rerun the network wizard checking that it is detecting a wi-fi signal either automatically or by pressing the WPS button on your router.

vampirequeen Sun 30-May-21 12:41:18

Sometime long Covid brain fog is so much fun. I somehow read the title as 'disobedient partner'. I thought your partner was fibbing about being on the internet. Took me ages to work out why the replies didn't make sense grin

Jaxie Mon 31-May-21 12:08:48

Thanks for your replies, but I don’t understand Manhattan’s. I emailed my computer man and he just referred me to the Canon web site. I just hate the feeling I get when technology gets the better of me. I’ll ask a young friend to help.

Beechnut Mon 31-May-21 12:11:42

Occasionally my HP one says that Jaxie but it still prints.

B9exchange Mon 31-May-21 12:18:22

Assuming that you are at home, and your broadband is supplied by a router? If you locate this, switch it off, switch off your printer and disconnect it from the mains. Wait 20 seconds. Switch on the router and wait till all the lights are lit indicating internet connection. Then switch on your printer and let it come to life. You will probably find at that point that it is working again.

If that doesn't work, are you using a laptop, iPad or phone? If you go into settings you can remove the printer and switch laptop/phone/ipad off and on again. You can reinstall the printer driver from the Canon website if you find your correct model on there. I would be surprised if one of those solutions doesn't work?

Maggiemaybe Mon 31-May-21 12:24:50

Yes, my Canon says it’s offline all the time, Jaxie. Then it gets a grip and prints. It’s always been contrary (and slow, and very noisy). It stopped working altogether in lockdown and I thought I could justify buying a better one, then decided to be responsible and try to mend it. Without much optimism I searched for a YouTube video showing me how to strip it down and give it a thorough clean, and it came back to life. A mixed blessing!

Still keeps telling me it’s offline though. grin

JaneJudge Mon 31-May-21 12:25:51

In my experience, home printers are evil narcissists

Mattsmum2 Mon 31-May-21 14:31:59

I’ve got a canon too and also a WiFi extender, turns out it has to be linked to the same WiFi as your device you are using to do the printing, might be worth a check?

Jaxie Fri 04-Jun-21 19:00:17

Thank you all for your replies; when I get up the courage I’ll teach the “evil narcissist” ( great epithet) a lesson.