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iCloud storage

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Humbertbear Mon 31-May-21 08:26:38

The only way to remove photos from iCloud is to delete them from phone/iPad. That means you need to save them elsewhere or simply delete those you don’t want.

BlueBelle Mon 31-May-21 08:16:37

I pay 79p a month and can have massive storage and it’s stopped me getting those messages and searching around for things to delete
79p is for nothing and well worth it I have thousands of photos on my iPad

Love Mon 31-May-21 08:02:09

I used to get this message all the time & chose to ignore it.It eventually stopped & I have had no problems with storage at all.My I pad is an I pad air & is seven years old.

Thoro Mon 31-May-21 07:58:09

Had the same problem- signed up for 79p a month and not had a problem since.

NotAGran55 Mon 31-May-21 07:51:05

Whatever I did to remove stuff I couldn’t stop the message so signed up for more storage - 79 pence a month.

Welshwife Sun 30-May-21 22:56:58

I had this message some months after buying my iPad and tried deleting all sorts from it but it still kept showing it was almost full. Eventually I did decide to go for more storage and pay 99cents -€- a month.

ElaineI Sun 30-May-21 22:51:30

Imessages take up a lot of space so check things you need to save somewhere and delete the rest. Don't know about iPad but on iPhone you go into general, iPhone storage and it shows you what is using the most memory. I imagine the iPad is similar.

mrsmopp Sun 30-May-21 10:52:13

Your icloud storage is almost full. (On my iPad)
I think Apple want me to pay more?
How to clear out storage without losing things I want to keep, photos etc and just get rid of rubbish?
I’m not much of a techie I’m afraid ....